All You Need to Know About Foam Injections

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

All You Need to Know About Foam Injections

Every owner prefers stable, concrete flooring with no visible signs of damage for their residential and commercial spaces. However, unforeseen weather effects, soil erosion, shrinking foundations, and poor installation might result in sinking concrete slabs and layer cracks. So, to hold back the sinking concrete and foundation repair, professionals use multiple concrete techniques, like Foam injections. It directly shifts the foundation and the concrete structure to its initial position and builds a safe and secure foundation with concrete lifting, jacking, and leveling. Get help from the trusted concrete contractors in Calgary, FOAMEXperts, who will raise your sunken driveways and concrete slabs. 

Want to learn more about concrete repair and maintenance? Explore the blog for ideas on how foam injection can level up and stabilize your concrete flooring. 

What Are Foam Injections For Concrete Lifting? 

Foam injection, or polyurethane foam injection or poly jacking, has been a popular method for lifting and leveling concrete. Polyurethane foam is a quality material that expands and lifts unsettled concrete slabs back to their initial position. Unlike traditional mud jacking methods, foam injections make the best use of technology that eases settling down unstable concrete floors by adding a two-part polyurethane mixture beneath the concrete surface with a small diameter hole. As the mixture hardens and expands, it fills the void gap and lifts the concrete foundation. Due to its versatile uses, foam injection can be used to repair driveways, sidewalks, garage floors,  pool decks, and even industrial floors.

How Does the Method of Foam Injections Work?

Professionals follow a simple foam injection procedure that prepares your concrete base within a shorter timeframe and delivers long-term results. By following these simple steps, concrete contractors make effective use of foam injections: 

Step 1: A small hole of approximately ⅝ inches in diameter is drilled on the concrete surface.

Step 2: Liquid polyurethane foam is injected through holes, creating a reaction that expands and lifts the concrete.

Step 3: Once the concrete slab or floor is in a definite position, the drilled holes are sealed off over the ground. 

One of the advanced techniques that require years of expertise and skilled labor practices to settle down the concrete base with foam injections. You can connect with FOAMEXperts for professional concrete jacking in Calgary. Call our experts at (403) 589-9496!

Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Injection 

For concrete leveling and lifting, foam injections are an effective method. They are used to level up sunken concrete and lift structures, drill a hole in the base structure, and fill the gap using foam materials. Let’s take an overview of what benefits this provides:

Fast Installation 

In the construction industry, foam injections have been rolled out as a rapid solution for concrete repair with minimized downtime. Under this method, the foam settles down and cures within minutes, which adds the benefit of easy and quick installation. Any commercial owners who don’t prefer to interrupt their regular operations can follow this technique of polyjacking to get stable concrete in no downtime. 

Cost Effective Method 

If you think investing in foam injections would be expensive, think again! You can get a stable, concrete structure with minimal investment for a complete replacement. Unlike traditional methods, which can be expensive and labor-intensive, polyurethane foam injection is a cost-effective solution that reduces the constraints on the repair budget. 

No Disruption 

Traditional concrete lifting methods come with the hassle of involving heavy machinery and noisy operations during excavation. Polyurethane foam injections cause no disruption and minimal noise and mess with stabilizing the concrete floor. This makes it ideal for emergency replacement in residential and commercial surroundings. 


Polyurethane foam is a durable material that lasts longer for lasting results. Once injected into a concrete surface, it quickly forms a hard and strong base that easily supports heavy loads and environmental factors. So, durability comes out as an integral factor that makes

polyjacking repair as a long-term and stable solution. 

Versatile Use 

Due to their versatile properties, foam injections have many concrete repair applications. It works to lift sunken driveways, pool deck leveling, stable industrial flooring, and other commercial projects. In the construction industry, skilled contractors use foam injections to replace commercial properties. 


Under foam injections, the material infused under a concrete surface is eco-friendly and does not damage the environment. Although the foam reacts under a concrete floor, it does not leave any harsh chemicals on the ground, making it a more sustainable solution for concrete lifting with no pollutant effects. 

Altogether, foam injections are an effective technique for lifting concrete to expand it to a specific position. While the cost of methods might vary, you can customize it to your requirements and the number of projects. 

Connect With FOAMEXperts for Reliable Foam Injections in Calgary!

Foam injections are a reliable solution for concrete lifting and leveling in Calgary. Next, you must find top experts for concrete repair and stabilization projects. Contact the FOAMEXperts team; we offer a stable and cost-effective replacement for concrete floor leveling with services like Mudjacking, Concrete Sealing, Custom Concrete Work, Deep foam injections, and spray foam insulations. Book a FREE estimate today; call us at (403) 589-9496!

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