Am I Required To Be Present When The Calgary Concrete Lifting Is Being Done?

Are you considering having concrete lifting done in Calgary? If this is the case, you are most likely curious about whether or not it is required of you to be present during the service. In order to provide you with a better understanding of the process, we have dissected it step by step in this blog for your convenience.

The Basics: How Does Concrete Cladding Work?

Before we get into the specifics, we wanted to go over some basic details about concrete lifting and how it works. To put it simply, the concrete slab has many key areas punched through with holes using a drilling machine. After that, a material is pushed through the perforations while the pressure is kept relatively low. This substance fills the empty area under the slab and then stretches out to elevate it into the position that is required.

Our approach of raising concrete using polyurethane foam makes use of the concrete slab itself as a mechanism of distributing poly foams, which also fill cavities and support the soil. A hole with a diameter of 5/8 inches is bored through the slab and into the subgrade below. A delivery port with a tapered opening is inserted into the hole measuring 5/8″. At that point, a connection has been made between the port and the injection gun. The polyurethane material is expelled from the injection gun and delivered via the port and slab. In a matter of seconds, the material will expand, resulting in the compacting of loose soils and the lifting of concrete.

Calgary Concrete Lifting

What Can Be Raised WIth Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

Driveways, sidewalks, garage floors attached and detached, pool decks, patios, and even huge industrial installations may all be raised with the help of mudjacking also known as concrete lifting. Within a tolerance of half an inch, literally any one level poured slab, that is, no prefabricated steps of concrete may be raised to whatever height or slope is needed. This applies only to slabs that are not precast.

How Long Does Concrete Lifting Take?

In most cases, the lifting procedure may be finished in a single day, or in the case of less time-consuming activities, in just a few hours or less. After the lifting operation has been completed, the drilled holes are fixed with brand new concrete within a few days or in some cases the same day.

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Should You Be Present While Concrete Lifting Is Being Done?

No, in most cases you don’t need to be there as long as the work being done is performed outdoors. On the other hand, if the job is being done indoors, such as on the floor of a garage, or in a yard that has its gates shut, then there must be an adult present who is over the age of 18. Because our primary objective is to fulfill the requirements of the customer, we find it helpful when they are present for the final inspection of the work we have performed for them.

Will The Property Be Messy After Concrete Lifting?

Since concrete lifting is done carefully and usually in one general area, there are no signs of mess in the area. There is no need to break up and cart away any concrete so there is no harm done to the grass and bushes that are nearby. The work is contained to the region that is being raised, and the whole of the surface is cleaned to restore it to its previous state. The mixture will not discolor or otherwise harm the surface, and any surplus material may be removed from the work area with relative ease.

FAQ About Concrete Lifting In Calgary

After going over some of the fundamentals of concrete lifting, including whether or not you are required to be present during the process, the experts at our company have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that some of our customers have asked us in the past and that we figured might be helpful. 

When It Comes Down To It, Why Do Concrete Slabs Sink To Begin With? 

In Calgary, almost all cases of concrete collapse are caused by a weak supporting foundation that is either the result of insufficient sub-soil compaction or inadequate water drainage. The concrete slab then sinks, and often also moves and splits, as a result of the supporting foundation being compacted or being washed away. The freeze-thaw cycles that occur in Calgary may also be detrimental to slabs that have an inadequate or saturated sub-base. 

How Much Weight Can Be Supported During Concrete Lifting? 

Mudjacking has the capability of lifting a whole slab or only a section of it by up to two feet and as little as one-half inch. The broken parts are then brought up to the same level as the remainder of the slab. 

What Can I Anticipate From FOAMEXperts When They Come By To Complete A Project, And How Should I Be Ready For It? 

The majority of the time, our FOAMEXperts will arrive with a sizable unit to finish the lift in addition to a half-ton vehicle pulling a compressor. If we do require this type of equipment then we try to park the equipment on the street whenever it is feasible to do so; nevertheless, there are times when we are compelled to park in the driveway in order to provide access to the area that is being raised.  Before departing any project site, our personnel ensure that the location has been cleaned thoroughly and that any mess that may have been caused by the lift has been removed completely. For the sake of getting ready for FOAMEXperts, we may need to have access to some kind of water supply so that we may combine our materials. In addition to this, there must not be any obstacles in the region that are going to be raised. If we are going to raise the slab of your garage, the surface area that we are working on will need to be clean and easily accessible. 

When Would It Be More Cost Effective For Me To Elevate My Concrete As Opposed To Replacing It? 

Raising concrete may be an excellent alternative to the more traditional approach of replacing concrete. If your concrete path, driveway, patio, or floor has only sunk and is otherwise structurally sound (no significant fractures, flaking, or scaling), elevating it may be the most cost-effective solution available to you.  This is particularly true if you just have a tiny portion that needs to be fixed. Many concrete contractors do not work on tasks of this kind, so raising may be your only choice if you only have a small section that needs to be repaired. In comparison to replacement, the procedure of elevating concrete is far more expedient and uncomplicated; the majority of projects are finished in one to two hours on average.

What Are Some Of The Benefits That Concrete Lifting Provides? 

Concrete lifting foam, such as the ProLift that we provide, is designed specifically for the purpose of elevating concrete in residential environments. It is possible to generate a lifting strength of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot with this foam that reacts quickly and has a restricted spread. In addition to that, it is an excellent choice for the purpose of elevating concrete slabs in a variety of applications, such as patios, pool decks, driveways, paths, sidewalks, and garage approaches, to name a few.

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Why Should You Choose FOAMEXperts For Your Concrete Lifting?

When you get in touch with FOAMEXperts to investigate a problem with your concrete, our first goal is to make your house or place of business a secure environment in which you and your clients may spend time. We will brief you on the many different kinds of foam that we have access to and then provide recommendations on which kind of foam is most suited to meet the requirements of your project.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to foam since there are so many distinct kinds of foam. If there is much more foot activity in an area or if there is a need for further control, we could use a 4 pound foam. We may make use of a 6 pound foam for the stability of heavy equipment and joints. Using this procedure, the slope of any surface may be restored to its former state, including pool decks, approaches to bridges, medians, stairways, walkways, and garage pads, to name just a few examples. No matter what you want to accomplish, FOAMEXperts provides a service that can fulfill all of your requirements.

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