Aspects To Consider Before Taking On Mudjacking In Calgary

If you have been considering getting mudjacking, the likelihood is high that this is the reason why you have found yourself on our blog. In preparation for mudjacking in Calgary, we have compiled this concise yet comprehensive summary on everything that should be taken into consideration.

Is Mudjacking In Calgary Worth It?

Let’s get right to it: Is mudjacking worthwhile? Yes is the short answer. Mudjacking fixes concrete for around half to a third of the entire cost it would be to replace it entirely. The cost of removal and replacement might be reduced by up to 70%.

How Long Does Mudjacking Normally Take?

Mudjacking projects typically take between one and four hours to complete on average. The completion of larger projects often only takes one day, even if the jobs themselves take longer.
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What Can Mudjacking Be Used For?

Mudjacking is possible with any kind of concrete. Driveways, steps, patios, pools, basement floors, garage floors, sidewalks, grain bins, city streets, boat ramps, parking lots, interior floors, loading docks, runways, highways, schools, generator pads, warehouse floors, and many more. It is essential to receive an estimate in order to determine whether or not the concrete can be mudjacked, since there are a few situations in which this is not possible. In addition, if the concrete is substantially damaged, it is often more cost-effective to have it replaced with new concrete than to have it mudjacked– for that reason, it’s an extremely important factor to take into consideration before you get started.

Why Is It Important To Have A True Professional Do Mudjacking On Your Property?

This is also a very important consideration to think about before getting started. While we all would love to have DIY projects, there are some things that should be left to the professionals and for obvious reasons. Problems might arise in the areas where structural components are linked to the building. Because every circumstance is unique, it is important to see an expert in order to decide whether or not this method will be effective for your particular circumstances.

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Have You Had A Look At The Concrete Area And Its Surroundings?

Tunneling is a common behavior for rodents such as moles and groundhogs, which may be found beneath concrete slabs and near to foundations. When water pours down through these openings, it may also induce wash outs or ground settlement. Both of these are undesirable outcomes which is why you should consider and acknowledge them beforehand.

Do You Have Sprinkles You’re Worried About?

Thankfully, mudjacking will not damage your sprinkles. If the yard is dry, there is no harm to the yard at all. Some ruts might be caused by the hydraulic pump if the sprinklers were left on or if the ground was very moist. Sprinkler lines that are too weak and are run directly in the concrete or straight beneath may rupture as a result of the movement but professionals always ensure to avoid these beforehand. Lines that have been correctly placed are never in either location, and as a result, your sprinkler system should not have any negative consequences as a result either.

Do You Have The Space For Mudjacking To Occur?

This is another factor to consider. Our pumper units are small enough to pass past most gates, and our trucks are always parked on the street. If the job calls for it, we may pump using a slick line so that we can access interior locations or other difficult to get places that our pumpers are unable to access. That said, it’s important to first make sure that everything is out of the way and remove any unnecessary things temporarily.

Does Mudjacking Create Dust Or Mud Particles Around The Home?

This is another factor that some people think about before getting mudjacking done. Dust is produced when holes are drilled, and if we have to cut your concrete, this may sometimes produce a significant amount of dust, especially if we do not utilize water. If the consumer has a problem with excessive dust, water may be utilized to mitigate the problem. In the event that dust may cause you any problems, we kindly ask that you inform us beforehand.

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Will The Concrete Break Apart Eventually?

Yes, it is possible for any kind of concrete to fracture, particularly when moving sunken slabs back into position. If the concrete continues to sink, a stress fracture will form on the underside of it. However, this crack may not always be apparent. The pressure will eventually be relieved when the slab is elevated, at which point the fracture will become visible on the surface.

The mudjacking did not generate these fissures; rather, it only made them more visible once they were already there. If the proper procedure is not followed, there is always the possibility that mudjacking may cause the concrete to fracture. It is for this reason that a number of holes are bored in key locations, and you need to make sure that you employ the most qualified mudjacking contractor to do this project to avoid any complications like these.

Will The Repaired Holes Blend In With The Rest Of The Concrete?

No, not 100%. As a result of the lighter color of fresh concrete, holes in the new concrete will match up more effectively. Patched holes in older concrete are often lighter than the original concrete, which might cause the concrete to not match as well. However, as time passes, the concrete will get darker and start to mix in better with its surroundings. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that the colors or patterns will be accurate or that they will match.


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What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using Mudjacking?

Now that we’ve gone over some important factors to consider before taking on mudjacking, we wanted to showcase some advantages of this service. Mudjacking offers a wide variety of advantages, the most notable of which is the elimination of foundational settling and unevenness. Let’s have a look at the reasons why mudjacking is a good option when the foundation of a building has been damaged. 

Helps Save Money 

Mudjacking is a cost-effective method for repairing a concrete foundation that has been damaged. Mudjacking often costs a fraction of what it would cost to pour concrete or replace the concrete slab, both of which would need the re-laying of the plumbing systems and pipes in the residence. Mudjacking may also be used to level uneven ground. In addition, the expense was lower than that of polyjacking, an alternative method of repair that is used often. 

Fills In Cavities In The Concrete 

In contrast to mudjacking, rebuilding or repairing the foundation slab will not remedy the problems caused by soil voids. When there are empty pockets of air inside the foundation, there is still a chance that the foundation may sink. Mudjacking is a procedure that involves filling cavities in the soil to provide a foundation that is considerably more robust, safe, and secure and will endure for a lot longer. 

Rapid And Effective In Its Operation 

In contrast to slab replacement, which might take many weeks to complete, the mudjacking operation is rather quick and straightforward. Although certain slabjacking tasks, particularly bigger ones, may take longer than others, the majority of projects are completed in only a few hours. 

There Is No Waiting Time Following Repairs 

When the replacement of a foundation slab is finished, the surface typically cannot be utilized until the concrete has had sufficient time to cure. The completion of this task may take up to a month, and in certain cases much longer. The concrete slab, on the other hand, is instantly suitable for light usage once the procedure and repairs have been completed if mudjacking was used. After the process has been finished, the surface will be ready for high weight after an interval of waiting for a few hours or overnight. 

No Mess 

The process of tearing up an old concrete slab in order to replace it with a new one may be a dirty one, not to mention that the demolition work may damage some of the surrounding home. Slabjacking, in contrast to the practice of replacing concrete, is a clean approach for repairing concrete foundations. There will be no damage caused by the tools and equipment, and any spills of the “fill” mixture may be cleaned up in a short amount of time. 


Mudjacking is one of the most eco-friendly methods for repairing foundation slabs. This is due to the fact that the mixture of water, soil, sand, and concrete used in the process is composed of entirely natural materials, as well as the fact that the process itself generates no waste and requires very little effort.

Why Choose FOAMEXperts For Your Mudjacking In Calgary?

FOAMEXperts is an industry leader in repairs to foundations, such as mudjacking. Our experts and our services are ideal for raising and momentarily supporting concrete slabs on grade beams or other light structures. Our team can do this work quickly and efficiently. In applications requiring precise lifting, it is often used in conjunction with grout injection to provide long-term support. Visit our website now to find out more about the ways in which our products and services may improve the quality of foundation repair in your home. You can also give us a call to speak with one of our experts directly!


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