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Are you searching for a reliable concrete lifting near Calgary? You have come to the right place. If your concrete has settled, cracked, and unlevel, you will probably need our concrete lifting service. Foam Experts is a one-stop solution to all these problems.

With over two decades of experience, our concrete lifting specialists use standard lifting techniques to eliminate the pooling water, trip hazard, and void in the concrete. As a concrete lifting expert, we focus on using the advanced process, which involves Polyurethane foam for lifting the concrete per your needs.

For every concrete floor problem, we have an enhanced solution that is cost-effective, convenient and doesn’t cause harm to the landscape. So, whatever the issue you are facing with your concrete floor, you can rely on our Floor Experts, the best company for concrete lifting in Calgary. 



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What Is Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

Concrete lifting or leveling is the popular technique to lift concrete from its original position. It is also called slab jacking, which is done by drilling multiple holes in the concrete and injecting grout.

If you have experienced a concrete issue, our concrete lifting contractor visits your home, checks issues, and elevates the concrete to the appropriate level. All you have to do is to search for the ‘best concrete lifting near Calgary’ and contact our concrete lifting specialist. Once you discuss your requirements, an expert can provide a cost estimate so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

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Our Process Of Concrete Lifting

When you hire Foam Experts for concrete lifting, our certified concrete lifting specialist inspects the issue of your concrete by visiting your site. At Foam Experts, we ensure you with high-quality concrete lifting service and your place’s safety.

Drill the Holes

While providing a Concrete Lifting service in Calgary, our expert strategically drills the ⅝ inches holes in the surface of the concrete. While doing so, our concrete lifting specialist takes care of your property and ensures complete safety.

Filing Of Mixture

This step pumps a previously prepared compound called slurry through the drilled holes. Once it undergoes beneath the slab, it fills the voids and cracks. Due to this, enough back pressure gets created, which causes concrete to rise.

Lift The Concrete

The final step of our concrete lifting process is properly lifting the slab using our portable hydraulic pump. It drives the slurry so that the concrete rises enough to the appropriate level. After this, our expert patches the drill holes.

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Advantages Of Getting Concrete Lifting Service In Calgary

Brings back strength and stability to your concrete by leveraging the best concrete lifting service in Calgary.

Fast & Convenient

When you request a concrete lifting service near Calgary, experts perform the whole process in a few hours. It is a fast process compared to pouring a new slab.

Cost Effective

The material and labor costs of concrete lifting are less than replacing the entire floor. It is a cost-effective solution and costs 50% less than the whole floor replacement.


Since the concrete lifting service in Calgary requires a couple of hours, it doesn't require planning a multi-week renovation. You save time for other important activities.

 FREE no-obligation concrete leveling cost estimate

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Why Choose Foam Experts For Concrete Lifting Service In Calgary?  

A cracked and unlevelled surface can cause a risk of disbalance and complete damage to the floor. It is crucial to get a concrete lifting service in Calgary and get it repaired as soon as possible. While you might search for “best concrete lifting near Calgary,” selecting a service provider like Foam Experts that meets your needs and expectations is important.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have successfully lifted different concrete while ensuring the safety of people’s homes and business places. Here are the reasons why you should trust to get top-notch concrete lifting service in Calgary:


Restore the strength of your floor with our best concrete lifting service in Calgary.


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