Concrete Lifting For Garages

Do you have an uneven or unlevelled garage floor? Have you seen any gaps or splits in the concrete slabs? If this is the case, you may need internal concrete lifting in order to repair the floor of your garage. The passage of time causes concrete slabs to sink and settle, and if you don’t fix them, your property might suffer significant damage as a result.
It is possible to re-level and raise the level of garage floors in a clean and straightforward manner, without resorting to costly excavation or removal, and the work is often completed in a single day. FOAMEXperts will help fix the unlevelled flooring in your garage and give your garage a whole new appearance overall. In this blog, we will be going over everything there is to know about concrete lifting for garages and how it can greatly help with any home improvements in an easy and efficient way.

Concrete Lifting For Garages: What Is It?

If you’ve ever had to park your vehicle on an uneven garage floor, then you know how frustrating it can be. If you’ve never had to do so, then you may not realize how bothersome it can be. Whether you’re just trying to get the car in and out of the garage or you’re working on projects around the house, having garages that are not level can really hinder your progress.
To your great relief, leveling the floor of your garage couldn’t be simpler. You have made it to the right place if you are seeking for the greatest concrete garage floor levelling, which we can provide for you. It is common knowledge that concrete makes an excellent subflooring material for garage floors. Installing a concrete garage floor has a number of advantages, some of which are that it is economical, simple to maintain, and long-lasting. However, there is a significant problem with concrete floors, and that is uneven surfaces. Even though it would seem to be a simple repair, leveling the floor of your garage is really a much more complex task than it first appears. The reason for this is that the issue will get much more severe each time that you pour fresh concrete on top of older layers that are uneven.
We are able to breathe new life into your floor, whether you are just getting started or want to upgrade the one you already have. Cracks, stains, and discolouration are all potential issues that may arise with concrete flooring over time. It is essential to maintain the integrity of your garage floor in order to avoid issues in the years to come.
You are free to relax knowing that our specialists will take care of all of your requirements regarding leveling, but please keep in mind that we are still available to answer any questions that you may have. We want to ensure that you have a good understanding of the process. You may go about your day as normal, and we will see to it that everything is taken care of. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a deeper look at what concrete lifting is for garages.

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Why Do Concrete Flooring Problems Occur In Garages?

Issues with concrete can happen for multiple different reasons. Alterations in the earth conditions under the garage floor are probably to blame for the uneven leveling and other damage. Erosion may also be caused by other factors, such as improper compaction or the use of fill material of a low quality. The material is prone to expansion and contraction due to a mix of factors, including moisture, variations in temperature, and even tree roots that have penetrated the substance. When the concrete slabs that make up a garage floor start to crack, this produces an aperture that provides a point of entrance for more air and moisture, which leads to even more expansion and contraction beneath.

Problems Associated With Concrete Garage Floors That Have Settled

Settling does more than merely leave a superficial impression. When concrete settles, it may produce unattractive fissures, unevenness that might cause your garage to tilt, and trip hazards when the slab is uneven with the concrete around it.
Getting used to a situation might lead to even greater difficulties. Your garage door is built to go up and down on a track that is parallel to itself; if one side of your garage is lower than the other, the door may not function properly or may behave sporadically. Doors that go to the outside or even into your house may be unlevel, which means that they will not fit perfectly into the door jamb. This can offer security problems as well as allow more air into your home, which will raise your energy expenses.
It’s possible that your initial reaction was to just replace the slab, but that’s an expensive and inefficient approach. Your garage was either constructed on top of the slab or installed on a slab that has a thick border around it, but this will depend on where in the country you live. In either scenario, it would be necessary to relocate or remove the garage in order to do the task of repairing the floor. In the event if the slope was caused by issues that were located under the slab, replacing the concrete would, at most, be a solution that was only temporary.

Why Do Concrete Slabs Sink?

There are a few potential causes for the slab under your garage to sink:
Even if you put down fresh cement, there is a good chance that you will still run into issues if the soil issues that are occurring below the slab are not addressed. Concrete raising is the most effective method for addressing settling issues caused by garage floors in Calgary. The slab may be hoisted up and made level once again by drilling tiny holes in the floor and pumping in organic or foam material to stabilize the soil. This process is repeated until the slab is hauled up.

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Why Is Concrete Lifting In Calgary So Effective?

This strategy offers a number of benefits, including the following:

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Polyurethane Foam Is Know To Be The Most Effective Solution For Concrete Lifting

In the business of lifting concrete, polyurethane foam is often regarded as one of the most successful solutions, if not the most effective option overall. This technique has a very high success rate in addition to its very extended lifespan. We will use our equipment to drill little injection holes that are roughly 5/8 inches in diameter. In comparison to previous approaches, this one is more compact.
After that, we are going to proceed with the injection of the polyurethane foam into the holes. The foam will spread out and fill the spaces below the concrete slab, elevating it to within 1/10 of an inch of where it was before it was damaged. You will then have a flat, stable surface that is free of trip and fall hazards, and it will be able to hold any weight that is placed onto it.
Polyurethane foam is water resistant, which is even another advantage of using this material. This adds to its longevity and long lasting benefits since water in the soils underneath your slab that is generated by run-off or heavy rains will not affect the slab in the future. This may be a problem in areas where there is a lot of run-off. The foam will form a seal on the bottom of the slab, preventing any water from rising through the concrete and reaching the subgrade below.

Find Out How Concrete Lifting In Calgary Can Help

If you have concerns regarding the concrete slab in your garage and would like an inspection, please get in touch with our staff as soon as possible so that we can book one for you. In order to assess whether or not polyurethane concrete lifting is the best option for you, we will visit your site and do an inspection of the concrete. It is in your best interest to have such repairs done right away to prevent any further issues from arising. After your inspection, leave the rest to us. We will determine the cause of the issue and develop a plan to effectively fix the concrete issues so you can enjoy your garage floors once again. Call us today to book your appointment in Calgary.


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