Concrete Lifting In Calgary: How Does It Work?

Concrete jacking is a straightforward and cost-effective method of raising and stabilizing a fractured, sunken, or settling slab. This restoration method, also known as mudjacking, has a track record of being highly effective and popular in Calgary. Concrete jacking has been used by homeowners as a slab replacement option since the 1930s.
Let’s take a deeper look into how concrete lifting works, the benefits and how it can help you fix your concrete…

Understanding Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting has been around for decades and has a solid reputation for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Concrete raising is also recognized for a product called polyurethane foam, which FOAMEXperts in Calgary is proud to provide. Here are some important points to remember about polyurethane foam:

About Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane is, in other words, a reinterpretation of the original mud jacking technique. Using this material will not only result in a solution that looks better and lasts longer, but it also results in less destruction of the surface on which it is placed– in other words, it doesn’t make a mess on your property. Mud jacking employs a heavier fill to level the surface, and thus requires a greater number of injection holes as well as larger-sized injection holes in order to do this. 
Poly foam is placed in a straightforward four-step concrete raising procedure that results in a concrete slab that is safe, secure, and levelled.

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What Is Polyurethane Foam Injection And How Does It Work In Concrete Lifting?

Polyurethane foam injection is a technology that combines the tried-and-true technique of concrete lifting with a specially-engineered expanding foam to provide excellent results.
Polyurethane foam injection is a cost-effective and less intrusive treatment for sunken, cracked, and uneven concrete problems. Concrete Lifting With Polyurethane Foam Injection Is Accomplished In Four Steps Placing polyurethane foam injection instead of a combination of concrete and mud allows for the raising of concrete slabs through this straightforward four-step process:

The Advantages Of Polyurethane Foam Injection

There are many advantages of using this technique for concrete lifting such as the following:

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Differences Between The Types Of Concrete Lifting Available In Calgary

There are certain distinctions between mudjacking and polyurethane injection that you should be aware of before choosing one over the other, even if the functions and short-term efficacy of these two concrete lifting methods are almost identical.
While mudjacking is often a less costly and speedier alternative to complete concrete replacement, it has various drawbacks, including a lengthy drying period and the possibility of further damage to the structure. Unlike mudjacking, polyurethane concrete elevating provides a more exact restoration that lasts longer and it is also more cost-effective.
That being said, every project is unique and will need the use of a variety of strategies in order to be completed successfully. Speaking with one of our professionals will help us evaluate which service is best and which will finally address the issue effectively. The amount of damage or the necessity for repair may dictate which service you should choose.

What Type Of Projects Can Be Fixed With Foam Concrete Lifting?

Our polyurethane foam injection has the ability to raise the following:

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What Is Concrete Leveling And How Can It Help A Damaged Slab?

When you look at a significantly fractured or sinking slab, it’s easy to feel that replacement is the only alternative available. Slabjacking may seem too straightforward at first glance. What are the chances that drilling a few tiny holes and injecting a cement slurry or polyurethane foam will be enough to repair substantial slab damage?
Consider the underlying cause of your concrete damage in order to better comprehend this technique. The majority of the time, slabs sink and fracture as a result of changes in the underlying soil. Soil integrity is affected by a variety of factors, including weak bearing soils, inadequate compaction, excessive moisture, and frost heave.
As a result of soil settling, voids or empty regions under the slab are created over time. Because of the lack of support, the heavy concrete sinks, resulting in fractures and other signs of deterioration. Slabjacking is effective because it fills up the holes created by this natural process, ultimately stabilizing the soil underneath. Injection of the substance causes pressure to build up under the slab, lifting it and restoring it to its original place.
After the caulking has been applied to the cracks and injection holes, the repair is almost undetectable to the eye.

How Long Will Concrete Leveling Repairs Last?

Many individuals claim that instead of acquiring foam injections, they prefer to replace the whole slab of concrete since they believe it is more advantageous and would last longer. When it comes to repairing concrete damage, you may believe that newer is better, but this is not always the case.
If you choose to have your slab replaced, the new concrete will be poured directly on top of the old dirt foundation, which is a good thing. Without investing the time and resources required to dig, fill in, and compress the soil, those voids will not be fixed. Consequently, the new slab will settle and crack precisely like the previous one, resulting in a similar conclusion.
Slabjacking repairs, as opposed to slab replacement, are more durable in the majority of situations since they treat the root source of the issue. A new slab will provide the effects you want for a short period of time, but slabjacking is more trustworthy and durable in the long run.

What Makes Concrete Leveling So Reasonably Priced?

Slabjacking is often at least 50% less expensive than the process of laying fresh concrete. A lot of people think the pricing is too good to be true, and they are right.
However, when you stop to think about it, the lower price makes sense. Concrete leveling is a considerably less complicated process than slab replacement, which is more expensive. The old material must be broken up and carted away before the new slab can be installed. To begin, forms must be constructed, and concrete must be trucked in, poured, and completed. This foam injection procedure takes substantially less time – often less than half a day in most cases.

Is Concrete Lifting A Viable Option For You?

Despite the fact that mudjacking is an excellent concrete repair procedure, it is not ideal for every cracked slab. Alternatively, if yours is excessively crumbled, fractured, or crushed, it may be necessary to have the slab replaced. Furthermore, mudjacking is not often effective in repairing foundation damage or serious structural concerns. You’ll need to think about foundation piering if you have any of these problems.
When it comes to the cost of mudjacking, we have the solution you’re looking for. When compared to slab replacement, mudjacking is the least costly professional concrete repair option, often costing less than half as much as the latter.

How To Find Out If Concrete Lifting Is The Right Choice?

If your slab is not severely damaged and does not pose a danger to the structural integrity of your house, mudjacking is likely to be an effective solution for you. To find out for certain, arrange a consultation with one of our reputable local repair professionals that have decades of extensive expertise. If you’re looking for skilled mudjacking service in Calgary, FOAMEXperts is the company to call.
FOAMEXperts has established a well-deserved reputation for offering high-quality concrete lifting, mudjacking, and concrete sealing services as well as great customer service at a reasonable price in the industry. For anyone in the greater Calgary area who have a damaged slab and would like to arrange a consultation to investigate concrete jacking, please call our office or visit our website!


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