Concrete Lifting In Calgary: How Much Time Is Needed Until I Can Use My Area Again?

Do you have issue spots in your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, concrete stairs, or patio where sunken concrete has created uneven surfaces, trip hazards, pooling water, or huge cracks to appear in the concrete?

It’s possible that you’re considering having concrete lifting done in Calgary as a solution to such problems. However, how long will it be until you are permitted to utilize the space again? Let’s find out.

Why Does Concrete Start To Sink In Calgary?

In Calgary, conditions in which the exterior concrete has already started to sink is not unusual. This is often the consequence of fresh concrete being poured over recently disturbed soil surrounding the residence during construction, which may be a prevalent cause of these conditions. This sandy soil will eventually get compacted, and when it does so, it will often leave a space under the concrete slab. Erosion of the soil is another typical factor that may lead to the formation of voids. The concrete will eventually develop cracks and joints, which will allow water to seep through and eventually wash away the soil below.

Concrete Lifting In Calgary

What Options Do You Have If Your Concrete Is Sinking?

Traditional methods of addressing these issues include concrete replacement and mudjacking, both of which are efficient ways to solve these concerns. However, if your issue may benefit from an advanced solution, it may be in your best interest to pursue that course of action.

The PolyLevel Injection System offered by FOAMEXperts is a cutting-edge solution for the rehabilitation of concrete that has been sunk. To raise and level concrete slabs to the proper height, PolyLevel makes use of a high density polyurethane as opposed to the method known as “Mud Jacking,” which involves utilizing a combination of concrete and mud.

What Exactly Is Concrete Lifting?

Before we get into more details, what is concrete lifting? Concrete lifting, sometimes referred to as foam-jacking, is the process of filling the space under the slab of concrete that is causing it to sink. This gap is the cause of the slab of concrete sinking. The concrete is perforated with a number of tiny holes. After that, an injection of polyurethane foam is made to fill the space, which simultaneously elevates the concrete to make it level again. After that, the holes are patched up such that they are undetectable. After then, the concrete will reach its final state of stability.

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Your Concrete Lifting Process In Calgary

Each process will utilize the foam, which is made of polyurethane, developed particularly for lifting concrete. Utilizing our highly sophisticated apparatus, it is injected under the slab. But what happens after? The following are some things you can expect during the concrete lifting process in Calgary:

The Elevation Process

To begin, we begin by carefully drilling holes the size of a dime into the slab that has to be lifted. After that, we carefully inject materials that gradually expand to cover any gaps that may be present underneath the slab, which allows us to elevate it to the required height. Injections performed with care provide comprehensive covering under the slab and provide lasting support.  We are able to correctly lift any concrete slab, even slabs that contain massive structures like garages or buildings that are constructed directly on the ground. 

The Cleanup 

Following the lifting of the slab, we will fix any holes using a cement patching mortar that is color-matched to the color of your concrete. Over time, concrete that is exposed to sunlight becomes lighter, and our patching mortar will likewise get lighter to match.  After our personnel have made the necessary repairs, the impacted area is instantly available for usage.

How Long Does The Concrete Lifting Process Take And When Can You Use The Area Again?

The whole process of raising concrete normally takes a few hours to accomplish, beginning to end. If you wanted to completely redo your driveway, you would have to start by removing the existing concrete, installing the new concrete, and then waiting for it to dry. The whole process may take several days or weeks. After the concrete lifting process is finished, you will be able to walk on the surface instantly and park your vehicle on your driveway within 15 minutes after the completion of the operation. That’s how quick the process is.

Is Concrete Lifting Worth It?

The cost of elevating concrete is far lower than the expense of completely replacing the concrete. The quantity of polyurethane product that must be used for this particular task, in addition to the length of time that the contractors must put in to complete it, will decide how much you will have to pay. If you have numerous places that require raising, the total cost will be more than if you only had one small area lifted, but it will still be far less expensive than installing brand new concrete.

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The Many Benefits Of Using Foam For Lifting Concrete

The lifting of foam concrete is a totally contemporary process that offers a number of benefits. In the classic approach of mudjacking, concrete is lifted by pumping a slurry below it via holes that have been bored. The more recent foam lifting technology likewise elevates concrete, but instead of using expanding foam to fill holes and support the soil, it utilizes foam to lift concrete slabs. Not only that, but concrete lifting has the following benefits:

Sustainable And Kind To The Environment

The production of this foam does not involve the use of any hazardous substances. It is non-toxic and does not seep into the earth since it is chemically inert and called polyurethane foam.

Procedure That Is Not Invasive

Injection holes for foam need to be about the size of a coin and spaced around four to five feet apart. The foam spreads across a bigger area than the mud does, and once it gets there, it expands and becomes more solid. When compared to mudjacking holes, which are around 2 inches in diameter and need to be drilled every 2 feet, slab lifting utilizing geotechnical foam is a less intrusive technique that also requires less time to clean up.

Quick Waiting Time

Because the foam cures in such a short amount of time, you may start using your concrete right away. It may take up to two days for the mudjacking to fully be set in place but it still allows you to use it right away. Foam Jacking is an excellent choice for both home and commercial construction projects. As soon as our team has finished here, you may resume utilizing your driveway, shop, or loading ramp.

Soil Stabilization

The foam expands to fill cavities and raise sunken concrete, and it also penetrates the substrate below to strengthen the soil. These two effects work together to make the soil more stable. The foam will not be removed by washing as well. It also prevents animals that may potentially destabilize the soil from making their home beneath your slab.

Exceptional Technical Capabilities

In spite of the fact that it makes use of cutting-edge technology, foam lifting has been around for more than two decades. A period of time sufficient to demonstrate its efficacy and endurance, as well as its superiority over competing approaches.

Material With A Lower Mass

Concrete lifting foam designed specifically for geotechnical applications is the preferable choice when working with unstable soils. In comparison to a mudjacking slurry, this material weighs just 2 pounds per cubic foot. It is preferable to avoid adding any excess weight, which might lead to an increased risk of instability.
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Works Against Water

If there is water present underneath the concrete, how can the foam expand and elevate it? Hydrophobicity is a characteristic of the foam that we utilize for concrete lifting, leveling, void filling, and stabilizing. It is resistant to the penetration of water both during and after the process of expansion. The groundwater underneath it and the runoff from above have no effect on the foam. It is possible to forestall future soil settling by preventing water from penetrating the soil.


Concrete lifting in Calgary can be done by utilizing a few different methods which are all considered to be extremely durable for your home. There are a few specific aspects which make it durable such as:
  • Does not decay if exposed to germs or fungus;
  • Does not break down in severe temperatures;
  • Does not wash away in storms or spring melts;
  • Does not deteriorate if exposed to microorganisms or fungi;
  • Does not break down in extreme temperatures; among others.

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