Concrete Lifting In Calgary: Will The Existing Cracks Go Away?

Even though concrete is a material that is robust and long-lasting, it nevertheless contains flaws and may become less effective with time. Cracks are one of the most common visible signs that this is happening to your concrete. Cracks can be large or small, and they can appear on several different sections of your concrete driveway, patio, or other area. This is one of the most common visual signs that this is happening to your concrete. That said, will the existing cracks go away on their own? Or do you need professional help in Calgary to get rid of them? In this blog we will go over all of the details so you can be as aware of the process as possible.

How Can The FOAMEXperts Team Help With Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

We at FOAMExperts in Calgary are here to address any and all concrete issues, including these specific ones, by providing concrete lifting and leveling services of the highest caliber to both commercial and residential customers. Caulking may be all that is required to fill up some gaps in a driveway, while other cracks may indicate the need for more extensive leveling treatments, which may also involve caulking. First, let’s go over some of the fundamental reasons why your driveway or another concrete surface may crack, and then we’ll discuss why it’s necessary to patch these cracks if they already exist.

Why Do Driveways Break Up In Cracks?

A concrete driveway may start to crack for a variety of various causes, including the following:

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The Importance Of Patching Cracks And The Advantages It Offers

There are a few reasons why it is crucial to make sure that any cracks that emerge in your concrete surfaces, especially your driveways, are filled up:

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Why Should Cracks In Concrete Be Filled?

Caulking is extremely vital for ensuring that your concrete will last for a very long time. Even while using concrete caulk won’t stop new cracks from emerging, it will stop the cracks that are already there from becoming any worse. When concrete breaks apart, water has the potential to seep into the seams, where it may then freeze and expand, making the gaps much more noticeable.

Caulking is an excellent method for preventing water from seeping below your concrete, which may prevent cracks in the concrete from generating a variety of difficulties for your house, including damage caused by water and issues with the foundation. In addition, if you caulk your seams, there is a very strong possibility that you won’t have any problems with settling in the future. This is because caulking prevents air from getting in between the seams.

The spaces in between concrete slabs provide an ideal environment for the growth of grass and weeds. If you caulk the cracks and joints in your concrete, it will help maintain the surface appearing as good as new and will also contribute to an increase in the value of your house.

In the event that you want the leveling of concrete in Calgary, you should also consider the possibility of caulking. In spite of the fact that certain processes, such as concrete leveling with polyurethane, can lift and realign concrete slabs, it is essential to caulk the concrete after these procedures have been completed in order to seal the cracks and joints, make the concrete smooth, and prevent it from sinking for an extended period of time.

What To Do About Cracks In Concrete And How To Fix It

FOAMEXperts in Calgary has a wealth of expertise repairing cracked concrete in a variety of settings, including driveways, sidewalks, and patios, by filling the gaps with a lasting caulk. Although many people feel that cracked or broken concrete must be replaced, in most cases, it can be repaired at a far lower cost with concrete caulk.

Get in touch with our experts if you want your concrete to be raised, caulked, and smoothed out in addition to having it raised. We will provide you with a no-obligation estimate once we have a competent professional examine the cracks in your foundation.

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Caulk Any Cracks That You Can Find

Concrete almost always fractures as it sinks because of its brittle nature. It is quite improbable that a newly laid slab will remain intact for a significant amount of time, particularly in the region of Calgary, where the earth often freezes, thaws, and refreezes. In other cases, this is only a matter of personal preference. However, if the water in the cracks and gaps freezes, it will expand, which will cause the fractures and gaps to get larger. 

Filling up the fissures and fractures in your concrete with silicone caulk can help to protect it from further deterioration. It will dry without becoming rigid and will not lose its shape or collapse as time passes. Also seems to be in really good shape.

Ways That Our Calgary Experts Can Fix Cracks And Sunken Concrete

Even though concrete is in most cases an exceptionally long-lasting material, it does not need any maintenance at all. Mold and dirt may grow on concrete over time, and the material may even fracture or sink in areas where the ground underneath it is very soft. After all, it’s only constructed out of rocks and cement, right? 

The good news is that the majority of concrete can be brought back to life, saving people the trouble and expense of replacing it entirely. Here are some economical solutions accessible to you. 

Raise Sunken Slabs 

The concrete that has heaved or settled as a result of the harsh weather conditions that we experience in Calgary is one of the most prevalent problems that we see in our line of work as concrete repair professionals. This may result in the creation of potentially hazardous trip hazards and elevated stairs, or it may even cause precipitation and snowmelt to surge into your basement. 

The good news is that because of recent developments in concrete-lifting technology, it is now possible for us to elevate these slabs swiftly and efficiently at a cost that is far less than that of replacement. In addition to this, the whole procedure may be completed in a matter of hours. 

Give Your Concrete A Good Power Washing

When it comes to repairing cracked and sunken concrete, one of the most effective techniques available is concrete raising. After everything has been put back where it belongs, however, there are a few further steps that may be taken to make it appear especially updated. Where to begin? Cleaning with a pressure washer for a better look. 

Because concrete has a porous surface, it is easy for mold and dirt to permeate it and grow on it. Even though there are several chemical cleaners on the market that are created specifically for cleaning concrete, there is nothing that works better than water for the purpose. 


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If you see cracks appearing in the concrete that surrounds your house or place of business, you shouldn’t just let them sit there and allow them to become worse. Get in touch with our seasoned professionals if you need assistance with mending them, and we will gladly offer you with a price estimate for your project.

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