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Deep foam injection, one of the most modern technologies, is gaining popularity among Calgary homeowners and business owners. A building or other structure might sink into the ground due to inadequate soil, resulting in unstable concrete and other possible hazards. We at FOAMEXperts inject foam in order to stabilize the ground underneath the structure and, in certain instances, lift it back to its original position, using our specialized deep foam injection services. 
Deep Foam Injection is a process that involves injecting a two-part polyurethane foam into failing soils. The polyurethane foam expands and pushes out on and into the weak soils after being injected as a liquid. As it proceeds down, this expansion will seek the route of least resistance, which will most likely be voids, fissures, or weak/loose soils. It acquires the form of a tree root as it travels. It’s not a coincidence that this form exists. Tree roots bind loose soil together. The roots develop to entwine with the soil and keep it in place. Man-made root systems are created through the use of Deep Foam Injection. 
The distance and manner in which the foam moves will be determined by its ability to travel and the density of the compacted earth. This amount of expanded foam improves the density and strength of the failing soils while also providing a robust bespoke foam volume. The soil density is enhanced and the soil is secured into place when the foam is immersed in the ground and formed like a root system. 


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what is the difference between

Spray Foam & Deep Injection Foam

Spray foam

Spray foam insulation has a similar appearance to deep injection foam insulation, although they vary in their composition in the following ways: 

Deep Foam Injection's Applications

The main goal of injecting foam into the ground is to stabilize unsteady soils. The pressure created when this foam is installed into the subgrade may be enough to raise concrete as well. Deep Injection Foam may be used for a variety of things, including enhancing soils. 
erecting ‘curtains’ to prevent seepage (seawall repair), concrete slabs, highways, slab on grade, and foundations stabilizing and/or raising. 

Slabs Can Be Raised And Stabilized Using Only Foam Injection

We may also use the Deep Foam Injection treatment to stabilize the ground under the slab, which is an added advantage. This provides a solid basis on which to build your FOAMEXperts project. Deep Foam Injections is a step up from ordinary Foam Injection, which injects foam straight under the slab. 
Our foam injections are made up of 39-49% renewable and recycled resources, making them ecologically beneficial. 

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Deep Foam Injection’s Advantages

When compared to others, polyurethane injection is faster, more accurate, and more structurally stable. In fact, using polyurethane allows you to do the task faster and with less disruption. Polyurethane is also resistant to damp and deterioration, so you may expect it to endure longer than other materials. Finally, we at FOAMEXperts strive to deliver the most up-to-date and innovative concrete restoration techniques available in Calgary. That is why, wherever possible, we choose polyurethane foam injection over conventional forms of services. 

Additional benefits of Deep Foam Injection In Calgary

 FREE no-obligation DEEP FOAM INJECTION cost estimate

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Will Deep Foam Injections Lift Concrete Structures And Slabs?

FOAMEXperts main goal is to stabilize the subgrade by binding soils and increasing strength. Enough foam may be put to raise slabs and buildings if done appropriately. The amount of foam, where it goes, and how deep it goes will all be determined by the project. 
These considerations will also influence the sort of engineering expertise or design you need. Standard procedures may be used, but an engineer will examine the project goals, the weight and construction of the slab or structure before recommending your point configuration, depths, and predicted foam volumes. 
An engineer is often necessary to assess the weight of the building, as well as why and where the soil collapsed, similar to foundation piering. Engineering gives guarantees about the material to be supplied so that the structure can be brought back up and continue to support the load. 

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We specialize in all forms of polyurethane foam injection applications, both commercial and residential. Our staff has performed a wide range of poly-foam injection projects, including some that were rather unusual. We are confident in our capacity to take on any assignment thanks to our decades of experience and training in the field.

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