Do Cracked Floor Tiles Mean My Slab Foundation Is Cracked Too?

cracked floor tiles

Do Cracked Floor Tiles Mean My Slab Foundation Is Cracked Too?

Have you ever spotted cracks in your floor tiles? If yes, it’s time to check for the base foundation issues that cause them to pop. The reason can be anything from soil movement and water buildup that majorly shifts or pushes tiles upward. Tiles are considered decorative and durable floor coverings; signs of cracking and damage might be an early sign of internal slab foundation issues. 

Even though the tiles have minor hairline cracks, this might still result in major foundation shifts. For tile crack repair, seek assistance from professional concrete contractors in Calgary, like FOAMEXperts, who can comprehensively inspect your flooring to locate cracked floor tiles. 

Reasons for Cracked Floor Tiles 

Numerous possible reasons out there that can lead to cracked floor tiles. Let’s cover some of them to help you understand that tiles are losing their grip and assist you in avoiding flooring issues beneath.

Lack of Cleaning 

In the absence of a proper cleanliness regime, over time, it accumulates grime, dirt, and stains. This directly affects adhesive quality and might not bond properly with floors. Due to the weak bond, it can lead to tile shifting, which ultimately creates cracked floor tiles. 

Uneven Settles Tile 

Proper tile installation plays a bigger role in long-term flooring adjustments. If a standard procedure is not followed, like the troweling technique, this can lead to cracked floor tiles. It is crucial to use quality adhesive to stick tiles together. 

Floor Expansion 

As a basic nature, tiles are permeable, allowing liquid and gas substances to pass through them without any congestion. Due to the consistently high level of moisture absorption, the surface might expand, which puts pressure on tiles for cracking. 

Low-Grade Bonding Agent 

Using a cheap-quality bonding agent or adhesive can also lead to cracked floor tiles. Over time, tiles do not form secure bonds with flooring, and the adverse effects of temperature and humidity might further loosen defective tiles.

Old & Rusty Tiles 

By default, tiles are prone to getting brittle and losing their shine and holding capacity over time, which could be a prominent reason for cracked floor tiles. It significantly impacts the tendency of tiles to hold up the static position. 

These are the major reasons for cracked floor tiles. Ignoring tile cracking and popping is not advisable, as it can cause severe flooring issues and foundation concerns in the long run. You should take immediate action for tile crack repair.

How are Cracked Floor Tiles Related to Foundation Issues?

A deep understanding of cracked floor tiles would help you with analyzing foundation issues. Some specific patterns and signs signal foundation shifts and other flooring concerns. Here are a few suggestive patterns to look out for in tile crack repair:

Gapping Cracks 

Wider gaps between cracked floor tiles could be a sign of foundational issues. If the gaping cracks expand over time, this will directly impact foundation settlement and shifting. 

Diagonal Cracks 

These are the cracks that run diagonally across the tiles, indicating that the foundation is shifting unevenly. These cracks begin from corners and edges and put more stress on foundation movements. 

Continuous Cracks 

It can be termed as the cracked floor tiles that cross through a straight line over multiple tiles. This type of crack can be a sign of foundation cracks beneath the floors. It mirrors the direction of underlying tile cracks. 

How to Inspect for Cracked Floor Tiles?

If your tile flooring looks fine from the outside, there might be internal cracks present that could create more foundation issues. Here are the different ways to examine cracked floor tiles:

Visual Inspection 

For this walk-through, walk through your tile flooring and inspect the area to locate any gaps or cracks. Check grout lines to see if they indicate movement and cracks; use a flashlight for thorough inspection.

Using Tools 

With the help of tools like a small hammer and wooden stick, it would be easy for you to locate cracked floor tiles. You are required to tap on the floor gently, which will help you track for structural damages. 

Detailed Inspection

For surface-level inspections, you have to look deep into tiles and their foundation, which would provide an in-depth understanding of the issue. You can connect with reliable professionals in Calgary for floor inspection. 

Crack Pattern & Signs 

Look for signs of cracked floor tiles, including diagonal, stepped, or continuous cracks. These cracks might appear more in high-traffic areas and corner wall areas where misalignment can be easily addressed. 

These steps would assist with the identification and repair of tile cracks. Follow these methods to look for visible cracks and estimate foundation issues in advance. 

Connect With FOAMEXperts For Tile Floor Repairing!

Following the routine of regular tile floor inspection for cracks can help identify potential issues and provide time to take action. If you seek professional expertise, FOAMEXperts is here to assist you with floor inspection to identify cracked floor tiles. We are also extending services related to tile crack repair and other flooring solutions, including mud jacking, foam jacking, driveway lifting, concrete lifting, jacking, and leveling. Consult our experts to discuss your requirements & get trusted concrete services in Calgary.

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