How Do I Know If I Can Get A Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

The ability to hire an expert team to raise concrete is one of the most valuable tools a homeowner can possess. It is an excellent method for assisting in the repair of some of the most significant issues that you, as a homeowner, may come into, specifically those of a concrete kind. However, a large number of homeowners aren’t even aware that concrete lifting is a possibility, and because they don’t know what to look out for, they don’t know what to watch out for either.

If you have considered both concrete lifting and concrete replacement, and after doing so, you have come to the conclusion that concrete lifting is the better option, then you’re probably wondering whether your property can get fixed with lifting over full replacement.

Having stated that, you most likely still have concerns about how it operates and what additional advantages are associated with the concrete lifting procedure. For that reason, we’ve created this blog to go over more in-depth details about the process in Calgary.


What Methods Are Used To Lift Concrete In Calgary?

Concrete lifting is a method that is far more time and cost effective than having your concrete slab rebuilt. This is one of the most significant advantages of lifting concrete. After the construction job is over, you won’t have to wait long before you can start making use of your concrete slab. This is how the procedure is carried out:

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Rain And Flooding May Also Lead To Erosion 

Do you get the impression that your city has been seeing an unusually high quantity of rainfall or floods as of late? If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you inspect the foundation as well as the concrete in the surrounding region to ensure that there is no long-term damage. Erosion that occurs under the concrete might cause it to droop, which can lead to a wide variety of foundation-related issues. 

Sunken Concrete 

Concrete most often becomes uneven because it sinks in the centre, but it may also become uneven in a variety of different ways. When you have sunken concrete, you will have a portion of the concrete that has sunk below the surrounding earth to an unacceptable depth. As a result, fractures will often appear in the middle or on the side of the concrete because the weight distribution will become unequal.

What Are The Most Obvious Warning Signs That Concrete Sinking Is Happening?

There are a few warning indicators that are more obvious than others, despite the fact that there are almost an infinite number of reasons why you may need to raise various parts of the concrete on your property. The following is a list of the most important items to keep an eye out for in the concrete around your property. 

The Concrete Has Fissures

Cracks in the concrete are perhaps the most visible early warning indication that your concrete has to be lifted. Concrete lifting is a problem that is encountered by many homeowners when they find fractures in their concrete throughout their property. Concrete lifting is a warning indicator that should not be ignored. Concrete lifting may be required in your case if you have cracks in your concrete, and particularly if those fissures occurred as a result of concrete subsidence. 

Poorly Leveled Concrete 

What should you do if the concrete is not level? When attempting to discover answers for their problems, homeowners often bring up this additional issue of theirs, which may include concrete lifting. Uneven concrete is a significant issue, and it often manifests itself as one end of a slab sinking while the other end of the slab raises. 

Concrete Borders That Don’t Quite Fit Together 

If it looks like your concrete edges used to have no difficulties but now they’re drifting away from one other, it’s almost probable that the explanation is that your concrete is shifting. This is because shifting concrete is more likely to cause problems than other causes. Shifting concrete may result in a range of issues; nevertheless, it is most vital to solve these issues as soon as it is possible to do so. In spite of the fact that the movement of the concrete edges seems to be more horizontal than vertical, it is nevertheless vital to keep that movement under control. 

Foundational Issues

If you already have foundation issues in your basement or crawl space, there is a good probability that you will also have concrete issues throughout the rest of your house and in the yard. Problems with the foundation and the concrete frequently originate from the same source, which is an issue with the soil that lies under the surface. In addition, if the foundation is shifting, it might potentially have an effect on the concrete. 


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What Is The Best Way To Raise My Concrete In Calgary?

You are now aware that it is critical to keep an eye out for indications and symptoms that might indicate the necessity for solid lifting solutions. On the other hand, what exactly are such solutions? Fixing sunken or uneven concrete may be accomplished in a few different ways using a variety of techniques. Nevertheless, there is a significant degree of variation in their effectiveness. 

Concrete Patchwork

In a strict sense, a concrete patch is not a tool that is used for raising concrete; nonetheless, it is something that homeowners will employ when they really need to be utilizing concrete lifting. A concrete patch may, in essence, be used to aid with certain forms of cracks that appear on the surface of a concrete slab. On the other hand, it is not going to be able to fix the issue of cracks appearing in the concrete.  If you are going to utilize a concrete patch, you should do so because there are issues at the surface level that need to be addressed as soon as possible. It is not possible to utilize a concrete patch as a bandage if the problem is more serious than it first seemed to be. It is essential that you instead focus on solving the issue at its root level. 

Slabjacking Or Mudjacking 

In the past, these were the most typical approaches to the problem of lifting concrete. That said, they are still a fantastic option for people looking for a permanent solution to their sinking concrete in Calgary. This solution ultimately raises the concrete with the use of cement or relevant substances which can fix the problem from the inside rather than having to replace the entire slab of concrete. 

Injections Of Polyurethane Foam 

When it comes to raising concrete slabs that have had issues with falling or sinking, this is by far the greatest choice available. Injections of polyurethane foam offer maximum stability and strength with minimal invasion and curing time required; typically, it only takes about 15 minutes before you can stand and even drive on the concrete that has been lifted with polyurethane foam injections. Polyurethane foam injections are an excellent choice for lifting concrete because of their versatility.  In addition, injections of polyurethane foam assist in elevating concrete, so they do more than merely prevent the material from sinking. When injections of polyurethane foam are used, it will be possible to elevate the concrete to its original position. Because of this, there is no need to be concerned about the concrete sinking or cracking, both of which are common problems seen by homeowners. Injections of polyurethane foam may help prevent the sinking and collapse of concrete in the long-run for various property types.

How Long Does It Take For Concrete To Level After Using Foam Injections In Calgary?

The use of polyurethane concrete leveling in Calgary is a smart investment since it may continue to function even after your house has been demolished and rebuilt. Because of its composition, foam does not absorb moisture and is not susceptible to deterioration in the presence of water. It also will not disintegrate owing to severe temperatures. Because it broadens and fills in gaps and fractures while simultaneously lifting your slab, you will have an even and sturdy concrete slab for many years to come thanks to the effects of this product.

What Kinds Of Concrete Slabs Are Capable Of Being Repaired?

When it comes to raising concrete, polyurethane foam may be used in a wide variety of methods. You may elevate the sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, porches, and stairs that are located around the outside of your property. Additionally, it is possible to repair concrete garage flooring and interior slabs of concrete. In addition, foam lifting may be used to assist commercial facilities, such as parking lots, in need of assistance.

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