How Long Does Concrete Lifting Last In Calgary?

Concrete jacking is a cost-effective way of returning a sunken, damaged, or settling slab to its original position. This form of concrete rehabilitation, also known as mudjacking, is effective for patios, garage floors, walkways, roads, pool decks, porches, and other outdoor concrete spaces, among other things.
What is the expected duration of the repair? Are the costs of mudjacking justified, or will you be faced with a repeat of your damaged concrete a few months after the first damage occurs?
When done correctly, both techniques of leveling concrete will endure for years, and in some cases for as long as the life of the slab. There are unquestionably advantages to each process, but the length of time that the repair lasts is more dependent on whether or not the underlying cause of the sinking concrete has been addressed. Let’s look into how long concrete lifting in Calgary lasts and what you can expect.


What Is Mudjacking And How Does It Work?

To put it simply, mudjacking is a procedure that involves lifting existing concrete that has sunk and become uneven in relation to the slabs surrounding it. Mudjacking, often known as concrete leveling or lifting, is a method of preserving the structural integrity of concrete buildings on your land.
The fact that mudjacking is a straightforward method of leveling concrete floors makes it an excellent alternative. When compared to a traditional concrete repair, mudjacking involves drilling holes into your concrete pathway, patio, or driveway instead of ripping it all down. A high-pressure pump is then used to inject a concrete mixture into the holes that have been created. This lifts the concrete out of the earth where it has settled, forcing it to the surface. Your slabs will be level once again if you raise the platform. In addition, the procedure fills in the vacant area while simultaneously re-pressurizing the soil.

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The Reasons For Sinking Concrete

There are many reasons for sinking concrete. It is water erosion, or soil compaction as a result of water penetration and the freeze/thaw cycle, that is the major cause of sinking concrete. Once FOAMEXperts Calgary is brought in, the process has often been going on for a number of years before being addressed. One of the first things our sales representatives will do is investigate the root cause of your problem. This might be caused by grading difficulties that cause water to run toward your slab, or it can be caused by downspouts that are not directed correctly. It may also be caused by large gaps or fissures between the slabs, which enable water to seep below the structure.
Our sales representatives and technicians will often offer measures you may take to resolve these difficulties in order to prevent the problem from recurring in the near future. Addition of soil around the slab, as well as modification of downspouts to deflect water away from the concrete, are common examples of such work. Alternatively, sealing the gaps and seams might be used to divert water away from the slab and away from underneath it.

Concrete Lifting Is Considered A Long-Term Solution

So let’s get straight to the point: mudjacking is not a short-term, impromptu solution.
Mudjacking is used to fix the problem that caused your concrete to get damaged. Changes in the underlying soil caused settling and the formation of voids under the slab over the course of time. Using concrete jacking, unfilled gaps between the slab and the ground are filled in order to restore the soil’s structural integrity and bring the slab back to its original, level position.
The particular cement slurry that is used in mudjacking is strong enough to hold the slab in place for many years without the need for reinforcement. In reality, the majority of homeowners say that their repairs last between 8 and 10 years on average.

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Factors Influencing The Stability Of Concrete

The length of time it takes for a mudjacking repair to be completed may vary from homeowner to homeowner and will be determined by a variety of differences and factors.
Because of the age of your property, the lifespan of your mudjacking repair is significantly affected. The amount of time that has passed since the present stage of erosion began offers an indication of how swiftly it developed. By knowing this information, it is possible to make a more accurate estimate about how long the slab will stay stable.
Another crucial thing to consider is the amount of time it took for the slab to settle. If the damage occurred within a short period of time, it is probable that external factors such as subterranean rodents, misdirected downspouts, or poor grading of the homesite had a role in the development of the problem.
Correct any of these issues, no matter how little, and your mudjacking repair will endure for a longer period of time.
The kind of cement slurry used in mudjacking repair might also have an impact on how long it lasts. Working with a seasoned professional mudjacking business, such as FoamEXperts in Calgary, guarantees that the substrate utilized is of the greatest quality, resulting in the most long-lasting repair possible.

What Is The Duration Of Mudjacking?

The last thing you want is to spend money on concrete leveling just to find yourself in need of this service again in a short period of time. While it is true that concrete leveling will not endure forever, it should at the very least provide you with a large amount of additional time. It is possible that mudjacking on a newer property, where the concrete has had less time to settle, will endure between 5 and 7 years. However, on an older property, where considerable settling has already taken place, it might endure up to ten years before requiring replacement.
A great deal of it is determined by the reason for the sinking. Mudjacking has the potential to survive much longer than a decade if all of the underlying difficulties are addressed with the old concrete. Any method you choose, if the problem is not addressed, your concrete will continue to sink—potentially to the point where it is beyond repair and you will have no choice but to replace it. Concrete that has been substantially buried may begin to break in a considerable number of places at once.

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The Best Services That Provide Permanent Fixes

In the vast majority of cases, our fixes are permanent. Unlike other types of repair materials, the polyurethane foam that FOAMEXperts employs will endure permanently – throughout your lifespan and even beyond. After just a few minutes, it hardens into a strong, impervious structure that attaches immediately to the concrete surface. It is not prone to fracture or failure under normal conditions. An entirely inert solid substance, it is immune to water, chemicals, insects, rodents, and erosion. It is used in the construction industry as well.
Another great benefit is that the foam itself does not degrade. All that is required to decompose it, is if it has prolonged exposure to sunlight. The concrete, on the other hand, protects the foam. It has a closed-cell structure, therefore water cannot pass through it. So if you see a repeat of failure – which is possible, since there is a 2 percent probability of it happening in our industry – it is most likely due to the soils shifting underneath our material. It is not due to the nature of the substance itself. In other words, as long as the substrate also known as the underlying soil continues to function properly, the polyurethane may be used indefinitely without degrading. It is the dirt itself that presents the greatest threat to your restoration.

Is Concrete Lifting the Right Choice For Your Property?

Mudjacking is a method that is effective for the majority of properties that have existing concrete that is sinking in the ground. If you’re not sure if concrete leveling is the best answer for your needs, we encourage you to contact us for an estimate and consultation. We’ll do a complete assessment of your concrete and present you with the finest recommendations for how to resolve your issues. The majority of homeowners find that mudjacking is a cost-effective, less intrusive approach that yields rapid results. You’ll also have less trouble as a result of this.

Cost-Effective Method

Is Concrete Lifting A Cost-Effective Method Of Construction?

Mudjacking or concrete lifting is a very cost-effective solution that is far less expensive than slab replacement.
The cost of mudjacking is about one-third to one-half that of removing a slab and laying new concrete. And keep in mind that mudjacking gets to the base of the issue. Due to the fact that slab replacement does not often address the underlying soil issues, the new surface is just as prone as its predecessor to settle and fracture over time.
Concrete jacking is also less intrusive than slab replacement; the repair does not harm the surrounding landscape, as slab replacement often does – making it the most cost-effective of the two restoration options.
Instead of replacing a slab, why not choose our concrete lifting option, which is both more cost-effective and longer-lasting? FOAMEXperts provides consultations to individuals and companies in the greater Calgary area and surrounding areas. To set up an appointment or to learn more about our concrete jacking services, please call our office or visit our website directly!


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