Is A Building Permit Required For A Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

If you are thinking about having concrete lifting done, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions running through your head, and one of them could be, “Does a building permit need to be obtained in order to have concrete lifting done in Calgary?”.

Thankfully, the concrete lifting process has been broken down in this blog that our professionals here at FOAMEXperts have crafted to walk you through the process as well as any specifics that you may need to be aware of prior to getting started.

What Is Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

Before we get into more specifics, we’ll quickly go over some basics. Concrete lifting is also known as slab jacking, foam jacking, and concrete levelling. All of these terms relate to the same process. To put it simply, the sunken sections of a concrete slab are brought back up as part of this operation, which results in an equal and flat surface. In order to elevate and level the concrete that is already there on your property, the professionals at FOAMEXperts will put a layer of high-quality spray foam underneath it. Foam is a newer and more advanced method than mud jacking, which is often used for leveling concrete. It’s considered to be extremely safe, the service is quick and provides customers with exactly what they’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Building Permit Required For A Concrete Lifting

In What Kinds Of Situations Does A Building Permit Need To Be Obtained For Concrete Lifting?

If you’ve already decided to move forward with getting concrete lifting, you’ve probably wondered if you need a building permit to get this type of service done. You are eager to have repairs done on your home as quickly as possible, but at the same time, you don’t want to go beyond the guidelines established by the local building code. In terms of fines and penalties, this will only result in more costs for you as well as increased levels of annoyance.

It is a good idea to plan your concrete repair job in advance, and part of this planning should involve studying the building code that applies to you based on the municipality in which you reside. For that reason, we always recommend our clients to look over their personal building code for additional details and from there our team will take over to advise you whether you need one or not based on your location and building.

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It Won’t Put Too Much Strain On Your Landscape Or Yard

You want to improve the appearance of your concrete, but you don’t want to make things any messier in the process. Your driveway or backyard might seem like a construction site if you decide to install new concrete. This is because the process needs a lot of labor as well as the usage of heavy gear. As a direct result of this, there is a possibility that your gorgeous landscaping could suffer harm throughout the procedure. Slab jacking is a technique that might be used to safeguard flower beds or beautiful landscaping while concrete is being repaired. The lifting of concrete does not need the use of any heavy machinery. Due to the fact that the procedure as a whole only takes a few hours, your yard will return to its regular, tranquil condition in a very short amount of time.

Benefits Of Concrete Lifting In Calgary

There are many benefits associated with concrete lifting in Calgary such as:

It Doesn’t Break The Bank

One of the major benefits is the cost. It will be more costly for you to remove the old, uneven concrete and begin the process again rather than going with concrete lifting. To properly pour fresh concrete takes a significant investment of labor, materials, and time. You are required to pay for an extensive amount of work and then wait for the concrete to harden before continuing. In the end, the costs of labor associated with a tear-out project are much more than the expenses associated with a concrete rising project. In addition, slab jacking calls for the use of just a limited quantity of high-grade foam. As a result of this, you cut costs associated with the materials.

It Cures Quickly

Because it takes several weeks for concrete to fully cure, the driveway or pathway it’s on can’t be used until then. You are going to find this to be quite inconvenient at the end of the day. Thankfully, the procedure of leveling concrete may be completed rather quickly. In fact, the foam will be dry in fifteen minutes, at which point the surface will be suitable for walking or driving on.

It’s A Solid Material

Slab jacking allows you to get the desired effects in a timely manner. Your sinking, uneven, fractured concrete will almost instantly be restored to its previous state of beauty. In addition to this, the procedure of leveling your concrete will strengthen the ground support. How? The high-quality foam that was injected underneath the slabs eventually turns into a solid foundation for the slab after it has hardened. Because of this, your concrete surfaces will continue to appear nicer for a longer period of time.

If Needed, What Kind Of Permits Will Be Required?

All of our experts will go through this in more detail with you during your first meeting with us but we wanted to quickly go over some of the information regarding the permits that may be required for your project and how they compare to each other. This will help you be as prepared as possible for your service in Calgary.

Alterations Vs. Construction Of A Brand-New Building 

When compared to someone who is merely making repairs to an existing structure, a homeowner or contractor who is constructing a new structure will, in general, be subject to additional code limitations. This is the case regardless of the kind of structure being built. For instance, submitting an application for a building permit to construct a shed is going to be a far more complicated process than submitting an application for a building permit to repair a tiny portion of your driveway, assuming the latter is even required at all. For that reason, if you are simply deciding to get concrete lifting to fix an already existing concrete slab, the permit necessary will be different than a brand new construction site. 

Structural Vs. Non Structural 

The vast majority of homeowners are under the impression that a permit is essential if a project entails making changes to an existing building. They are exempt from having to go through the procedure of applying for a permit if the project just includes the repair of nonstructural components.  Although this view is sometimes correct, it is best to operate under the assumption that a permit is always required since the requirements in many municipalities are far more stringent than you may expect they would be. Even if many of the standards are the same, a concrete lifting construction permit may be needed in one town but not in an adjacent city. This is because each municipality is responsible for developing its own building code. Once again, our experts at FOAMEXperts will be able to look into your area and determine which type of permit is necessary if at all needed. 

Comparing Private Property Vs. Public Property 

If you have a sunken sidewalk in front of your house and you wish to restore it, you will nearly always be required to get permission from the local municipality. Since sidewalks are constructed on public property, it is impossible to repair any damage to them without the agreement of the city.

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How Do You Apply For A Building Permit For Concrete Lifting?

Contact the zoning office in your municipality if you want to submit an application for a construction permit. You will have to make an application and pay the necessary money in advance in order to proceed. If you are utilizing a contractor to conduct the repair work, they may ask for extra information from you, such as verification that the business is certified in the relevant areas. Work may start as soon as your concrete lifting building permit is granted and processed. That said, if you have any questions about the process, your experts at FOAMEX would be happy to help.

Concrete Lifting In Calgary

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Do You Have Any Questions About The Concrete Lifting Process In Calgary?

Concrete lifting is something that a lot of individuals in the Calgary region choose to have done for a variety of reasons. They may just be wanting to remedy problems that have only recently occurred, or they may be searching for a solution that is less expensive so that they don’t have to replace their whole concrete slab– again the reasons for this service are endless. Allow the knowledgeable professionals at FOAMEXperts guide you through the process and respond to any questions that you may have. Our team would be pleased to guide you through the process as well as assist you with fulfilling any criteria for a construction permit. Call us right away or use the online contact form to get more information about the first phases of the concrete lifting process in Calgary!


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