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Mudjacking is the preferred way of elevating and stabilizing settled concrete slabs in Calgary, and it is also the most cost-effective approach. Mudjacking, also known as concrete lifting, is a long-lasting technique that you will be able to benefit from for many years to come. Mudjacking has proven to be the most effective solution for our Calgary residents’ concrete demands. 
Because of changes in the underlying soils, concrete slabs sink over time. These alterations are addressed with mudjacking, which restores the concrete’s integrity. 
It may seem complicated at first glance, but it isn’t if you hire the experts. The repair takes around an hour or two from start to finish depending on the size of the job.
The first step of the process is drilling a few tiny holes in the settled concrete slabs. The holes are then filled with cement slurry. This combination helps to strengthen the slab foundation by filling gaps or empty places in the soil. 
Pressure elevates the slab back to its original level position after the cavities have been filled. The cracks and mudjacking holes are then quickly caulked, and the restoration is finished. The surface is suitable for light usage once the crew has left. 
The slab can then withstand significant weight after a few hours or overnight. 


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the process of

mudjacking in calgary

step 1: Drilling Holes

The first step is to drill a series of 2-inch holes in the concrete. To better raise the concrete portion, the holes are usually put in strategic positions. 
There is usually more than one hole; a reasonable average is three to five holes. The repair staff would place them in a pattern or at a constant distance from the concrete’s border. 

step 2: Slurry Lifting

A nozzle is then fitted into the holes, and a liquid-like fluid known as slurry is poured through the holes to the soil under the concrete, lifting it up from beneath. 
Slurry is a fluid that is made up of Portland Cement, dirt, and water that may be pushed through a hose. Slurry not only lifts the concrete surface from below, but it also fills in all the holes and pockets of space under the surface, then hardens for strong support when it is dry. 

step 3: Finishing Touches

After the slurry has been injected beneath all of the concrete pieces that need to be raised, the team will double-check that everything is in place and that the slope has returned to its original position. The 2-inch holes in the concrete will be filled and smoothed. 
The rings of new concrete left behind by this restoration will, unfortunately, remain visible. As dirt, weather, and water come into touch with the surface over time, they may fade and become less noticeable. 
You may also hide them with a flower pot or other ornamental object if they are not in the direct path- but this is completely up to your preference. 

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Is Mudjacking The Solution For You? 

Mudjacking, in general, may be used to elevate and repair almost any concrete slab. Concrete lifting, on the other hand, isn’t the best solution for foundation issues. Furthermore, mudjacking may not be the best restoration option if the damage is substantial – for example, if the slab is excessively crumbled or crushed. This may mean that you need a complete replacement. 
This restoration process works for the majority of settled concrete slabs, including: 

Cost Of Mudjacking In Calgary

Slabjacking is the most affordable professional concrete restoration option available on the market. Mudjacking is substantially less expensive than polyjacking, a comparable technique for raising settled concrete slabs that employs expensive polyurethane foam instead of cement slurry. Furthermore, mudjacking is often half the cost of slab replacement. 
Of course, each concrete lifting job is unique, which means your cost will vary from others. The quantity of cement slurry utilized and the difficulty of getting to the repair location will determine your costs. 

The Advantages of MudJacking for Concrete Repair 

Mudjacking is less costly than ripping out a concrete slab and rebuilding it with fresh concrete.

Mudjacking also saves time compared to pulling out and rebuilding concrete. The majority of projects may be completed in half or full days.

Mud jacking is a more environmentally friendly option since it involves restoring and reusing rather than pulling down, generating garbage, and beginning a new project.

The mud jacking procedure is significantly less disruptive and loud than a complete replacement. A complete replacement would need the use of larger, noisier equipment as well as a significant amount of debris on your property. Not to mention the fact that you must avoid construction zones and may be unable to enter certain areas of your home for an extended period of time.

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Is Mudjacking the Best Solution For Your Concrete Surface? 

For concrete surface purposes, this sort of solution is quite popular in the Calgary region. Mudjacking is best used in particular kinds of homes and during certain seasons. Here are three scenarios in which mudjacking is the best solution: 
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