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In recent years, spray foam insulation has swiftly emerged as the go-to solution for insulating problematic places that older approaches have failed to adequately handle. Areas where access is restricted, such as the joist end or the rim-joist; smaller surface regions; and areas where numerous tie-ins are necessary, such as frost walls, are examples of such situations. 
Due to concerns about vapor barriers in attics, the restoration and new construction markets are increasingly turning to 2 pound closed cell insulation for protection. When applied to the attic floor, a 2′′ minimum coating of 2 pound spray foam may be used to seal all penetrations and create a better vapor barrier over standard polyurethane. 
Spray Foam insulation is divided into two groups, each of which has its own set of advantages. Because of its expansion qualities, open cell foam, also known as half-pound foam, is simpler to spray into small places. It also offers higher soundproofing properties and is more cost efficient. Closed Cell foam, also known as two-pound foam, has a higher R-value per depth inch and may act as a vapor barrier when applied to a depth of at least 2 inches. 


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Typically, spray foam is a two-component solution that is created on-site. It is pushed through pressured spray nozzles in order to get the greatest coverage possible at the given depth of application. 
Our Calgary Spray foam Insulating professionals make certain that the product expands immediately after application to produce an insulation barrier. Spray Foam insulates even the tiniest gaps and seams, resulting in a long-lasting, water-resistant layer of insulation. If you want to be certain that your investment is protected for the long-term, contact our FOAMEXperts team in Calgary. 
When we start any project at FOAMEXperts, we begin by using cutting-edge spray foam methods to insulate the many hard-to-reach sections of the building. The spray foam is able to reach deeper places that would otherwise be impossible to reach with manual insulation application. 
It is possible to distribute the spray foam evenly layer upon layer once it has been properly placed in the more difficult to reach locations. 

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Ratings For Spray Foam Insulation R-Values

To describe how long it takes for cold to infiltrate a given insulating product, the word “r-value” is employed in every spray foam company.
Many people are not aware of the fact that the majority of insulation used in Calgary houses has an r-value that will decrease dramatically during the first five years after it has been placed. Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, defines an r-value based on “LTTR,” which stands for “Long Term Thermal Resistance.” For example, if you pay for a r20, you may be certain that the foam insulation will never have an r-value that is lower than 20. 

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To-Do List For Spray Foam Insulation

You must evacuate your premises for at least 24 hours after spray foam insulation has been placed to ensure adequate off-gassing of the insulation. The specifics are given in the accompanying waiver, which is necessary for any property that is used as a residence. Please take into consideration the following health and safety standards while determining the feasibility of your project. 


Spray foam insulation has recently been in the headlines, and concerns have been raised about its effectiveness and safety. In order to provide excellent goods that are safe for our employees to install and free of any threats to our customers and end-users, FOAMEXperts has made the commitment to explain to our customers exactly what to expect from this type of service in the long-run. 

 FREE no-obligation SPRAY FOAM INSULATION cost estimate

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Starting from the moment you first learn about us, all the way through to the follow-up after the task is finished, our support team guarantees that the job is executed correctly and to your full expectations. 
We have grown our company through our excellent customer service, and reasonable pricing options. FOAMEXperts mission has been to be the leader in the Calgary spray foam industry since the company’s development. 
Every day brings a new piece of information to the table, which we then share with our customers. As a result of our efforts, we have developed solid working relationships with contractors and homeowners alike. Some of our very first customers are still with us now, and we are proud to call them friends of the company. There was a beginning to each and every one of these partnerships, and we would love to begin a relationship with you. 
The concept of assisting others is at the heart of our company’s operations. During our onsite visits, we will assist you in determining the cause of your issue without providing a generic response that most companies provide. According to us, each work and project is unique, and each project will be treated in that manner. 
We place the utmost value on collaborating with you and ensuring that you are completely comfortable with the items and products that we employ. We will work together as a team to develop the exact results that you want from your custom project. 


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