Top 5 Reasons Not To Ignore Sinking Concrete In Calgary

Having a problem with sinking concrete may be frustrating and unpleasant, particularly if you are unsure of what is causing it to sink in the first place. Your property’s curb appeal might suffer, and the safety of the surfaces can be compromised, if you have uneven concrete.
Due to the unique soil profile in Calgary, a wide variety of surfaces, including sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and driveways, may experience settlement over time. If you have seen uneven or sunken parts on any of your cementitious slabs, it may be in your best interest to seek the assistance of a local concrete leveling company as soon as you can. But why is it important to not ignore your sinking concrete?
In spite of the fact that this problem affects a great number of houses and businesses, many people in the community shrug it off as a natural occurrence. Be sure to go through our list of the top five reasons why investing in concrete leveling services is a sensible option before getting started. We then will provide you with your precise estimate so that we can help you decide whether or not to make the investment in your concrete. Let’s get into it…

1. The Value Of Homes Are Going Down

Cracked and sinking concrete surfaces on the outside of your Calgary house might have a significant negative influence on its value. Since the curb appeal of your house can have a significant influence on its value, it is important to make sure that your walkways, driveways, and patios are level. Uneven surfaces may provide a negative first impression for prospective buyers who are touring your home. Concrete leveling could be the best solution for your situation if, for example, your driveway is sinking or your patio has started to separate from the house.
FOAMEXperts is ready to bring the beauty of your cementitious surfaces back to their previous state. Our concrete lifting contractors will collaborate with you to establish a method that is both cost-effective and efficient in the creation of smooth, clean surfaces that are sure to please potential purchasers. In addition, the use of our services helps you avoid any low-ball offers that may be made owing to soil settling concerns.

2. Concerns About The Safety

Trip hazards provide a significant risk of injury in homes and places of business throughout Calgary. Not only can uneven concrete surfaces put you, your family, and any visitors to your home in danger, but they also put you at risk of being held accountable for any damages that may be incurred as a result. On top of that, your business might be negatively impacted by the presence of commercial trip hazards, which would need expensive repairs in order to maintain operations.
In the event that a person receives an accident on the homeowner’s property as a result of uneven concrete, the homeowner may potentially find themselves facing responsibility damages. In order to alleviate these worries, we strongly advise making use of a concrete leveling compound before things get worse or potential accidents happen.

3. The Infiltration Of Water

Rainwater may find it easier to permeate your slab if it has cracks and gaps, which may be caused by normal wear and use. Uneven surfaces might make it possible for this moisture to penetrate deeper into the soil, which can have a negative influence not only on the soil’s stability but also on the quality of your slab. Washout worries for Calgary residents’ houses may be caused by heavy rains, which, when paired with future periods of drought, can create further complications.
FOAMEXperts offers the expertise and the necessary equipment to provide hydrophobic results for your patio, sidewalk, or driveway. We will put in the effort to guarantee that your property is properly sealed and conditioned to repel moisture.

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4. Structural Concerns

Concrete settling not only makes your property seem unsightly, but it also has the potential to cause serious problems for the building’s structural components. Sinking that is excessive along the driveway and the garage might begin to compromise the structural soundness of your footings and pads. The integrity of most surfaces may be restored with the aid of concrete leveling, which also helps to avoid further erosion and structural damage. In the event that you discover problems, it is essential that you seek out skilled concrete repairs without delay.

5. Worsening Problems

Sinking concrete may take many different forms, depending on the circumstances; however, one thing is consistent across all of the potential outcomes: the issue will only grow worse. It is impossible for slabs to organically mend on their own if they are experiencing difficulties with soil washout or settling. The faults, if anything, will continue to worsen in a progressive manner, which will increase the threats toward your property as well as the expenditures of repairing it. In the event that you have sunken concrete, it is strongly suggested that you get in touch with our FOAMEXperts team as soon as possible for help.

Why Should You Fix Your Uneven Or Sinking Concrete?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental reasons why you shouldn’t overlook sinking concrete, let’s go through the benefits of recovering the area.

It’ll Avoid The Chance Of Anyone Getting Hurt On Your Home Property Or Business Property

As we’ve previously mentioned, fixing your uneven or sunken concrete should be your top priority for this reason. You have a responsibility to let anybody who walks up on your concrete to use caution if there are any parts of the concrete that are broken or sinking– but why constantly remind people when you can have it fixed properly and not worry about it.
There’s a good chance that more than a handful of your guests have hurt themselves by tripping and falling at some point but you may not have noticed. Not only can uneven concrete cause injuries, but it also puts you in danger. Severe injuries may be caused by uneven concrete. You are responsible for the treatment of any injuries that occur on your property, and the cost of your culpability may rise if it can be shown that you could have done anything to prevent the harm from taking place.
For this reason, it’s recommended to take the time to take care of that potential tripping danger before anybody else gets hurt by it.

It Looks Bad On Your Property

One of the most important things you can do to improve the visual attractiveness of your property is to smooth up the concrete surfaces. Cracked and sinking slabs are not only unsightly but also drive down the value of your house. In addition to this, they provide room for weeds to emerge from the soil underneath them. Concrete may be repaired, making it possible to remove an eyesore from your property.

The Damage Can Get Worse

Since you discovered the damage for the first time, it’s likely that the cracks and the sinking have become much worse. Delaying the restoration of uneven concrete will only make the problem more difficult to fix in the long run and cost you more money at the end of the project. Getting it fixed right away rather than waiting will only provide you with more solutions to fix the issue instead of only having a few costly options left.

It Creates Problems With Water Drainage In The Area

Are you beginning to see water accumulating on your garage floor as a result of the uneven surface? Is the water that seeps through the cracks in the concrete going toward the foundation of your home? Water drainage problems are quite real, and settling or heaving concrete is often the root source of these problems. If you leave the issue to get worse, you could experience floods or terrible damages to the structure of your property.
If you notice any signs of water, it’s recommended to take a look around your property to find the area that is causing the issue and reach out to our FOAMEXpert team to find out the best solution to fixing the issue.

It Might Ruin Your New Home Investment Project

If the safety of your constructions depends on solid concrete, uneven concrete slabs might pose more significant difficulties than you would first think they would. There is a risk that the stability of your porch or the foundation of your house may be jeopardized. It’s one of those difficulties that has to be fixed as soon as possible, since the repercussions of neglecting the problems will only get more severe as time goes on. You wouldn’t want to risk your expensive home project investment on a simple issue that could have been easily fixed if done earlier.

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Don’t Ignore Sinking Concrete, Contact FOAMEXperts For Help

We at FOAMEXperts are here to provide you with the most effective solution to your sinking concrete problem. We are aware that the expenses associated with safety, structure, and finances associated with this process may be difficult to manage, which is why our staff is here to provide you with outcomes that are both honest and economical. Get in touch with our Calgary experts to find out more about the methods we use to level sinking concrete, and don’t forget to ask for your no-obligation quote.

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