What Is Concrete Lifting? And Why Should You Consider It?


What Is Concrete Lifting? And Why Should You Consider It?

If your concrete has sunken or lifted from ground level, you will likely struggle with more than just aesthetic problems. Drainage, cracks, sinking, and trip hazards are the major problems that uneven concrete property owners often face. Thankfully, there is an effective way to restore the concrete and eliminate the associated risks. Concrete Lifting is an efficient process to settle the slabs that have shifted from their original position. It is an affordable, safe, and effective technique to fix sunken concrete surfaces and entirely eliminate the need for demolition and disposal of old concrete.

 Whether it is a residential or commercial building, concrete lifting is a great way to restore your uneven concrete. Do you want to know more about concrete lifting in Calgary? Continue reading to discover more about concrete lifting and why you should consider it.

Understanding Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting, also known as concrete leveling, raises sunken or uneven concrete that moves from its original level due to soil erosion, poor compaction, water drainage, and ground movement. 

The process of concrete lifting involves advanced techniques and state-of-the-art tools, along with a mixture of cement, sand, and other additives. This mixture is also referred to as slurry or grout. The grout is inserted into the affected concrete through small holes drilled using tools and machines, which ultimately raise the concrete slab back to the desired level. 

Concrete cracking and sinking occur due to several factors, and it is essential to understand the causes to address the potential issues. The following section will explain some major reasons why you will need concrete lifting in Calgary

Reasons For Concrete Cracking And Sinking

Factors such as weather and excess water can cause damage to the building’s safety and aesthetic. Here are the reasons why this happens. 

Climate Changes 

Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause concrete to expand or contract, resulting in cracks and uneven surfaces. Moreover, if your area has recently suffered from an earthquake, sinkhole, hurricane, or other disaster, it can also damage concrete to a great level. 

Water Damage 

Prolonged water or drainage exposure can weaken the surface and cause cracks and sinks. Therefore, concrete lifting can effectively improve this condition. 

Poor Sub Base Preparation

Another factor that can cause cracks in concrete is an improperly prepared sub-base beneath the concrete, leading to sinking as the ground underneath settles down. 


Concrete undergoes the natural shrinking process during settling, but excessive shrinkage can result in unsightly cracks.

Excessive Load Or Weight 

Heavy vehicles or machinery parked in areas are not designed for such loads, which can cause concrete cracks and eventually sink. 

Chemical Exposure

Concrete is exposed to harsh chemicals or corrosive substances that can cause cracks and compromise its integrity. 

Improver Installation

An improper mixture of material or poor quality of the concrete mix is one of the major causes of cracks and sinking that are often overlooked.  

Therefore, concrete lifting requires experienced technicians skilled in using modern equipment and ensuring accurate and efficient concrete lifting in Calgary or other areas. 

Importance Of Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting holds significant importance in restoring sunken and uneven surfaces, which offers a range of benefits. Here, you will find why concrete lifting is essential for repairing uneven and sunken concrete. 

Restores Structural Integrity

Concrete surface cracks and sinks due to various factors, as discussed above, weaken the foundation of the building. Concrete lifting helps restore the concrete’s stability, preventing further damage and ensuring the longevity of the surfaces. 

Increases Safety

Uneven concrete can be hazardous, as it can cause severe risks to buildings and human life. Concrete lifting fixes the cracks and corrects the concrete level, minimizing risks and making it safer for everyone.

Preserves Property Value

Drainage, uneven concrete, and other factors reduce the life and value of the building. Concrete lifting strengthens the building and increases the life shell, making it look appealing and long-lasting. 

Prevents Future Damages

There is no doubt that concrete lifting strengthens the property, resulting in increased life. Sunken concrete can lead to more severe damage to the property over time. Not only does it rectify the concrete issues, but it also prevents future complications that can be caused due to water accumulation, etc. 

Minimal Disruption

Concrete lifting is a non-intrusive procedure that causes minimal hurdles to the surrounding area. While concrete replacement can take days to complete and settle, the concrete lifting process is a matter of hours, allowing owners to get back to the routine quickly. 

Long-Lasting Results

When performed by professional technicians and quality products, concrete lifting provides the best results. The materials used in the process are durable and withstand time, ensuring that the surface remains level and stable for years to come. 


The material and techniques used in the concrete lifting process are completely safe and environmentally friendly. It does not create wastage and eventually reduces the environmental impact of concrete projects. 

Quick & Efficient 

Concrete lifting is a quick process, and the results are effective if performed by professionals. The trained technicians are specialized in using the tools to inject the material beneath the concrete, resulting in raised level. 


One of the most compelling reasons to consider concrete lifting is its cost-effectiveness. Traditional methods of concrete repair are quite expensive due lack of state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Concrete lifting eliminates manpower, significantly reducing the overall cost of repair projects. 

FOAMEXperts – Trusted Concrete Lifting Contractor In Calgary 

Cracks and uneven concrete are the major concerns for residential or commercial building owners. If you are tired of looking at the cracks in your property and worried about the structural issues and hazards, it is time to rely on Concrete Lifting in Calgary. FOAMEXperts is a reliable partner providing accurate concrete solutions to strengthen the building while maintaining its aesthetic. Our experienced professionals and effective foam injection process ensure minimal disruption and long-lasting results. Whether it’s driveways, sidewalks, or patios, our versatile solution caters to all concerns related to cracking and sinking. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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