When Is The Best Time To Do Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

If you are going to be dealing with concrete in the near future, it is only natural that you would wonder when the best time to lift concrete is going to be. Despite the fact that the ground may have been frozen for a considerable amount of time, it is traditional in some parts of the country to level concrete slabs as part of the spring cleaning routine.
The approach of warmer weather prompts homeowners to focus their attention on initiatives that improve their property’s curb appeal, such as repairing concrete. The lifting of concrete and the completion of other exterior work, apart from shoveling snow, are severely hindered by the winter season.
So, when does concrete lifting work best throughout the year? In our expert opinion, you should delegate time to this project as soon as the warm spring months approach– this will give you plenty of time to get your outdoor space ready for you to take full advantage of during the summer months.
If you’ve been thinking of getting your concrete pathways or driveway fixed, lifting concrete is the most efficient and economical method for repairing sinking slabs and uneven surfaces. It saves time and money compared to pulling out the concrete and starting over with a new pour.
However, you are aware of all of this information; the question that remains is when the most convenient moment is for you to include it in your agenda. In this article, we’ll discuss what the optimum time to do concrete lifting is and why you should do it then rather than later. Let’s get started…

Reasons For The Increased Difficulty In Leveling Concrete Slabs During The Winter

As you would imagine, doing any renovation outside during the winter is much harder due to the quality of the ground. Frozen ground makes slab jacking efforts much harder. When a contractor employs the method in the winter, which involves using hydraulic pressure to pump out a slurry of sand and water, the material may freeze within the pump, which would make it hard to push the mixture out. Even if this does not occur, the removal of any remaining mud will still be a challenge. The addition of water as part of the cleaning process might result in intrusion or washout and “mud blow out,” a phenomenon in which layers of the slurry land on top of the concrete. As a direct consequence of this, it is possible that the leveling of the concrete will not be stable following the spring thaw.
The use of foam jacking with polyurethane is more effective in the winter, particularly for tasks that take place indoors, such as repairs to the floors of a garage, basement, or warehouse. The polyurethane is a two-component liquid that is first heated in a heated hose before being transported to the construction site. Although the temperature outdoors has no impact on the foam or the overall effectiveness of the endeavor, the frozen ground does provide certain hurdles to the procedure that need to be overcome.

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Why It’s Important To Repair Any Damage Right After Winter

Many homeowners are in for some unpleasant shocks in the spring as a result of the effects of winter as well as the restricted capacity to do repairs outside while the temperature is low. It is possible for concrete surfaces to become uneven, and hazardous as a result of soil movement and compaction, as well as frost-heaving, which takes place when the water in the soil freezes. These three factors may be caused by frost. After the thaw, it is possible that certain concrete slabs may return to their original positions; but, in most cases, the damage will have been done, and this will result in a piece of concrete being misplaced. If the region in question does not seem to be in terrible shape, the natural inclination may be to disregard it until the cracks become more noticeable and the lifting becomes more prominent.
FOAMEXperts will advise you that it is not a good idea to wait until the issue has become severe before attempting to fix it. This may be because of the misconception that the only viable remedy is to replace the slab or step. In the majority of instances, concrete lifting may address the issue for a cost that is one-half that of traditional repair methods. This is because the issue is resolved by drilling a few tiny holes in the slab. Lifting and leveling the ground may help stabilize the soil, which can lessen the likelihood of future issues occurring, particularly when the procedure is carried out using foam jacking. If you repair the cracks while they are still relatively minor, you will avoid the more severe kind of damage that may develop as the cracking expands.

Reasons To Get Your Concrete Fixed Before It’s Too Late

The Safety Of Your Family And Friends At Your Home

Once the summer’s heat begins to dissipate, many of us begin to think about the forthcoming winter vacations. Concrete lifting makes your home safer for the winter. It’s possible that you have a sizable dinner party in the works, or that you have out-of-town relatives coming to visit.
The winter weather in Calgary, which includes sleet, slush, snow, and ice, will arrive just in time for the Christmas festivities. Snow and ice not only hide the fact that your concrete sidewalk, front stairs, or porch are sunken and uneven, but they also make it more dangerous for others to navigate those areas.
If your family members or friends trips on that large crack in your driveway or falls on those uneven porch stairs during your family’s holiday party, the last thing you need is for either of those things to happen.
You want your visitors to remember their time with you for the wonderful times they had and the great memories they made, not for the trip or fall they experienced because of the sunken concrete. If you’re wanting absolutely no worries during your holiday season, slabjacking should be scheduled as soon as possible to protect the safety of your home for your family, friends, and anybody visiting for the holidays.

Enjoy The Summer Months With No Worries

Take a look at your pool deck and patio, as well as your driveway, stairways, and pathways. If these buildings are made of concrete, then the harsh winters in Calgary have probably done a number on them. Perhaps you can make out some cracks. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the concrete is moving when you’re stepping or walking on it. If this is the case, it’s probably not a good thing for you, especially considering that you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors in the summer. The optimum time of year to take care of these repairs is in the spring. This way, you and your family may relax in a safe setting, knowing that the concrete areas are free of risks.

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Why Should You Get Concrete Lifting Done In The Springtime?

Concrete lifting professionals like working in the springtime for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that the ground has thawed.
Even while it is conceivable to finish a slabjacking service during the winter, doing so is fraught with risks. The cycle of freezing and thawing that occurs throughout winter may cause the earth to move over the course of the season, which can render any concrete repair work useless. In addition, any efforts to lift the frozen ground might result in the concrete being stuck to the surface. This might lead to the surface falling away, which would make the damage much worse.
Because the ground is no longer frozen in the spring, you can rest assured that it will not move, which would reverse the work that was done to elevate the concrete. It’s considered a win-win for you.

How Does The Equipment Work In The Spring Compared To Winter?

The hydraulic pump that is used in the process of importing the grout may have its functionality disrupted if the temperatures are too low. It’s possible that some particles may be left behind or that the cold grout will adhere to the inside of the hose. When you rinse off this substance, you are putting water into the environment, which has the potential to freeze and disrupt the stability of the concrete.
Concrete-lifting professionals do not have to worry about any of these issues throughout the spring. You can be certain that the procedure will go off without a hitch, and in just a few hours, or maybe even less, you will have a freshly even slab.

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Why Should You Choose FOAMEXperts In Calgary?

Since the start, FOAMEXperts has been providing its services to residential customers and commercial establishments in the Calgary region. Our qualified professionals are masters in supporting and filling gaps under concrete slabs. This ensures a functioning and safe concrete surface while avoiding the need of replacing the whole slab.
Our forward-thinking and professional concrete elevating business makes use of cutting-edge apparatus, which eradicates the need for cumbersome, disruptive, and obnoxious equipment. We always utilize the finest materials to guarantee quick and effective work, which we do by relying on our considerable experience as well as our professional knowledge.

Get Started On Your Concrete Lifting Spring Project

Don’t put off getting your concrete repaired. The spring and summer months are ideal for touch-ups and substantial repairs, allowing you to put your worries to rest. Get in touch with FOAMEXperts right away to get an estimate and to set up an appointment for concrete lifting in Calgary. We look forward to meeting with you.


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