Will There Be Heavy Equipment On The Property During The Calgary Concrete Lifting?

If you’ve been thinking about getting concrete lifted, you’re undoubtedly curious about what the actual day of the service will include and what to anticipate from it. Will there be a sizable group of people present at the property? Alternatively, will there be large machinery present on the property? Before making a final choice on how to proceed with your service, it is important to give careful consideration to all of these issues. Because of this, we felt the need to create this blog in order to provide more clarification on the process of lifting concrete in Calgary. Let’s get started.

What Exactly Is Concrete Lifting In Calgary?

If you are thinking about having concrete lifted in Calgary, there are a lot of factors to think about, but the first thing you should do is educate yourself on what precisely this service entails. The use of polyurethane concrete lifting is an option that is more economical than the replacement of concrete. In most cases, the cost of concrete elevating is far lower than the cost of pouring entirely new concrete. Nevertheless, the cost savings may be much higher due to the fact that the expenditures of demolition, removal, and intensive landscaping are removed when concrete lifting and raising is performed.

Polyurethane concrete raising accomplishes the same goals as conventional mudjacking, but with a material that is lighter and needs injection holes that are both smaller and fewer in number. Polyurethane concrete lifting, which is also known as foam lifting or poly lifting, is the most modern and cutting-edge technology of concrete rehabilitation that is now accessible.

How Does Your Process Typically Go?

On the day of your service injection holes will be bored into the concrete slab at a strategic location in preparation for lifting it. Our tools are stored on a trailer, and we have a hose that is long enough to reach wherever the job is being carried out. While our staff takes out enough hose to reach the concrete that is going to be repaired, our equipment stays parked in the parking lot.

After that, a two-component liquid consisting of polyurethane foam that was designed particularly for concrete lifting is injected under the slab. This liquid infiltrates all of the air gaps to fill cavities, and when it expands, it brings the slab up to the appropriate level.
The concrete lifting foam has a response time that is, on average, twelve seconds. During those 12 seconds, the foam moves in a circle that is about 6 feet in diameter under your concrete. It then moves throughout the voids and expands in a manner that is gradual and under control.

To summarize, there will be no heavy equipment directly on your property for the time of the service– unless the job requires it.

Will There Be Heavy Equipment On The Property?

As we’ve previously mentioned, there may be some equipment around the service area but only if it’s needed for the job. If you decide to use polyurethane to lift, level, and stabilize your concrete slab, a small truck and an enclosed trailer will arrive at the location of your project and will typically be parked on the street that is immediately adjacent to the area where the work will be done. Our hose, which is about the same size as the hose used in domestic vacuum cleaners, has a maximum reach of two hundred feet on average. That said, it is a far less dirty alternative to mud-jacking. Concrete replacement is a more time-consuming and disruptive process than working with us. After we have finished the majority of our work, if we do not need any mechanical jacks for aid while lifting, we will not disturb your lovely landscaping in any way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Lifting In Calgary

Now that we’ve covered the most important aspect of the blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive here at FOAMEXperts, and we thought sharing it would be extremely useful to anyone considering this type of service. 

What Kind Of Materials Are Used During Concrete Lifting?


To put it simply, a liquid form of the polyurethane substance is injected, and then it hardens into a stiff foam. Never in the history of this foam will ever lose density or shrink. The usual mudjacking material is heavier than this substance, and the installation of this material needs fewer holes. Even better, the holes are smaller, resulting in a repair that is almost completely undetectable. 


Mudjacking substance is a void filling made of grout that is based on sand and does not lose its density over time. This inorganic combination, which includes cement, is injected beneath the concrete slab after being combined. In contrast to organic material, the slurry that FOAMEXperts uses will not deteriorate or break down over time.

How Many Holes Are Required, And What Diameter Will They Be? 

Most professionals understand that people’s first concern is how many holes will be visible on the concrete and while there will be some present, they are hardly visible. Although the injection holes we employ are far smaller and there are fewer of them than those used in conventional mudjacking, this does not indicate that we cover a less extensive area inside each injection site. 

Because our foam is injected as a two-part liquid, it is able to travel in a considerably broader radius from the injection hole before it expands and becomes a thick foam. This gives it the potential to go farther than other types of foam. When opposed to mudjacking holes, which have a diameter of 1 5/8 inches, the injection holes needed for polyurethane concrete lifting are much smaller and less numerous. This makes the finished product much more visually pleasing. 

What Is Going To Occur In The Event That I Do Not Fix My Concrete? 

Homeowners have a duty to make sure that they provide a safe pathway for other people to use when they have guests over to their house. This is in addition to the fact that drooping concrete has an unattractive visual appearance. In the event that the issue is not resolved, the potential exists for further landscaping and foundations to be damaged. If rain is not diverted away from the foundation walls, there is a risk that your basement may get flooded with water. If the issue with the sinking concrete is addressed in a timely manner, it may be possible to avoid incurring additional expenditures associated with addressing a significant problem. 

Is It Safe To Use Polyurethane Foam? 

At FOAMEXperts we utilize foams that do not use any harmful chemicals. These foams do not make use of any of the major harmful compounds that are often linked with certain kinds of polyurethanes. These chemicals include formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene, among other agents– all of which are safe for you and your property. 

Is It Possible For Me To Raise My Sunken Concrete By Myself As A Do-It-Yourself Project? 

Although it is conceivable, doing so is not something that is advised. It is possible, without the appropriate instruction, to use an excessive amount of foam or to position it in the incorrect locations. This may result in an over-raised slab or a slab with an inappropriate slope, both of which will need to be totally rebuilt once they have been pulled up and removed. You need to be certain that the appropriate polyurethane foam is utilized since there are hundreds, if not more than a thousand various varieties of polyurethane foam that are available. 

Will My Concrete Look New After Being Raised With Polyurethane Slab Jacking? 

Even while the surface itself will not seem very different, the aesthetic appeal of the concrete will be significantly improved by having a leveled surface and decreased exposure of fractures. When your concrete has been elevated to its new level, the potential trip hazard will no longer exist, and there will be less of a chance that water would pool in inappropriate spots near to the foundation.

What Can I Expect When I Choose FOAMEXperts For My Concrete Lifting?

Following your request for an estimate at FOAMEXperts, our experienced estimator will examine your project and provide you with a proposal detailing the steps that need to be taken to finish the concrete repair work. It is not required for you to be there at the time that the estimate is being performed as long as the location in question is accessible to our estimator. The examination of the property normally takes under 30 minutes. You will be sent a proposal at which point you will also be provided with all of the details about your project. 

Once you’ve decided to move forward, the process itself such as the vast majority of residential works, including driveways, garage floors, patios, and sidewalks, are finished in a matter of just a few hours. After the process is finished, the slabs may be utilized in as little as 15 minutes after the completion– simple as that!

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