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FOAMEXpert is the best choice for residents and businesses looking for fast & reliable concrete jacking in Calgary. We are a trusted structure and foundation repair company offering mud jacking, foam jacking, driveway lifting and concrete lifting, jacking and leveling. We focus on restoring your property’s curb appeal and providing a safe & secure foundation for your abode.

Whether you need concrete jacking around the driveway, pool deck, patio or elsewhere, our team of experts can fix your damaged or sunken concrete at a fraction of the cost of newly procured concrete. We proudly serve Arbour Lake, Haysboro, Fairview, Capitol Hill and all major areas in Calgary. Call us now if you need an immediate response to damaged concrete or get a no-obligation estimate for concrete jacking in Calgary.

Our Concrete Lifting & Jacking Services

Concrete Lifting And Leveling

Cost-effective option for sunken and damaged driveways, walkways and garages, etc.


It is a better alternative to polyurethane, less expensive and perfect for heavier objects.

Spray Foam Insulation

This is best if your home or business has cracked concrete gaps or damaged areas.

Concrete Sealing

It is for exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, and natural stone to protect the original look.

Foam injection stabilizes the land under the structure and lifts it back to its original position.

Custom Concrete Work

Whether commercial or residential, we offer tailored concrete jacking in Calgary for you.

To provide stability to slab foundations and repair cracks or holes with strong material for longevity.

It protects your damaged or sunken driveways against erosion, extreme weather and poor construction.

Preserving and Protecting Commercial And Residential Properties

At FOAMEXperts, we specialize in commercial and residential concrete jacking in Calgary. Commercial properties such as office buildings, restaurants, hotels and retail stores experience more footsteps from tenants and patrons. Making sure that your sidewalks, driveways and deck are free from cracks and uneven, professional concrete jacking in Calgary is a must.

Cracks and uneven surfaces can create tripping hazards for you, your family, and everyone walking through them. Our residential concrete jacking in Calgary can eliminate these hazards and raise concrete at your patio, driveways, pool deck and other areas to withstand loads of pressure.

Do not wait for any accident to happen. Call us today for a quick estimate!

Concrete Jacking Experts In Calgary

Concrete lifting has a number of benefits for both residential and commercial properties. It is also cost-effective in terms of installation, property value, and long-term upkeep.

The improved property value and low maintenance costs allow you to recoup a significant portion of your investment in foam injection.

When it comes to installation, our specialized foam is significantly more inexpensive and cost-effective than rebuilding the complete concrete slab, thanks to its versatility, which allows for more applications and better outcomes. Concrete jacking in Calgary is the superior, more intelligent option for your home.

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Concrete Jacking Contractor In Calgary

Almost all concrete driveways and pathways will ultimately sink as a result of the natural course of time. This may be caused by excessive water, poor compaction, or simply the weight of the cement.

In addition to creating a tripping hazard, uneven concrete may negatively impact curb appeal and even cause water damage to foundations. FOAMEXperts Calgary will give you a free risk assessment and can assist you in resolving these issues if they arise.

We take great satisfaction in providing you with the highest-quality concrete jacking in Calgary and excellent customer service at competitive prices. At the end of the day, we want you to be as pleased with our work.

FOAMEXperts is your go-to expert for concrete lifting and jacking in the greater Calgary area!


While handyman services, general contractors, and renovation contractors may help with a broad range of home maintenance issues, they are not the best choice for concrete issues. If there are several concrete fractures or uneven slabs, a general contractor or home repair carpenter may consider dismantling a sunken slab and installing new formwork to pour a new slab – or slabs. Concrete replacement requires more equipment, takes longer owing to the hardening and curing process, and does not address the underlying problems caused by eroding or weak soils.

Concrete Jacking in Calgary from experts, like FOAMEXperts, consists of specific equipment, supplies, and techniques for making lasting concrete repairs rapidly and inexpensively. Being the best concrete lifting and leveling contractor in Calgary, we are equipped with the PolyLevel® technology and can swiftly raise and level sunken concrete and restore functionality with little equipment. In most circumstances, your concrete will be ready to use in a matter of hours, if not minutes!

Our #1 Focus

Our number one objective is to ensure that our clientele feels secure. FOAMEXperts’ concrete jacking in Calgary will give a long-lasting solution for restoring fractured, settling foundations and concrete slabs in residential and commercial buildings.

We employ cutting-edge products and techniques such as slab jacking, push pier installation, and more, all of which have been developed by our professional team of experts.

Boost Your Property’s Value and Durability With Concrete Experts!

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What Separates Us From The Rest

Our Unique Selling Points

Licensed Experts

FOAMEXperts is a fully licensed concrete jacking and lifting contracting firm in Calgary. Our team adheres to all local codes and standards so you can rest easy knowing that you will get the best concrete jacking in Calgary.


Assessing your problem and having a friendly conversation, we will suggest the best solution to fix your damaged concrete. While quality services are our end goal, we love to keep them economic to save you from financial burden.

Clean Repairing

Whether it's commercial or residentials, you can always count on FOAMEXperts to get fast & clean concrete jacking in Calgary. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to keep your properties clean and untouched.

Locally Sourced Products

Calgary’s soil is quite different, thus we source unique and most suitable material and products from local markets to ensure your concrete jacking job is done professionally and withstand all challenges.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We use concrete jacking and leveling products from top brands to reduce environmental impact without compromising the performance and quality. Our polyurethane and other products are usually made from recycled materials.

Free Quote & Consultation

FOAMEXperts offers free consultation and no-obligation estimate for concrete jacking in Calgary. Be it residential or commercial projects, we carefully assess everything and provide a realistic, free quote.

Boost Your Property’s Value and Durability With Concrete Experts!

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Our Solutions

Concrete Repair In Calgary

We’ll identify the best solution for your foundation issues, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your foundation has been restored to its structural integrity for the long haul.

Lifting And Stabilization Of Concrete

We can provide low-cost, quick, and long-lasting solutions for your concrete slab! Our technique uses a high-density polyurethane solution to permanently elevate and stabilize your sinking concrete slabs, resulting in long-term results.

Commercial Use

We offer comprehensive solutions for the restorative repair of existing commercial buildings or slabs as well as the installation of end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications.

Areas that we service

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