Trusted & Reliable Driveway Lifting In Calgary Customized To Your Needs

Are you facing issues like water pooling and trip hazards with your driveway? If yes, it’s time for you to consider driveway lifting in Calgary. Instead of replacing the driveway, you can use our driveway lifting service, which is cost-efficient and time-saving. Foam Experts is the best driveway lifting company in Calgary, providing people with high-quality service. 

Unlike the other concrete lifting companies in Calgary, our working process involves using foam jacking to lift the driveway to the appropriate level. We have experienced driveway lifting specialists with over two decades of experience in this industry. 

Our extensive knowledge of polyurethane and hands-on experience in lifting the driveway will benefit you in every aspect. Don’t let concrete issues damage your driveway and create a threat to your property. Get our professional driveway lifting service to revive your driveway.

Our Unique Approach To Driveway Lifting

Sunken and unlevel driveway concrete result in complete damage if not rectified on time. We at Foam Experts use advanced techniques to lift the driveway while ensuring the safety of your property. Here’s our process of lifting the driveway by using advanced techniques:

Assess Lifting Requirements

The primary step of our driveaway lifting in Calgary process is to visit your site and analyze the driveway lifting requirements. After properly assessing your driveway, our expert prepares for the lifting process.

Drill The Holes

After marking the holes, our driveway lifting specialist drills the injection holes in the concrete of your driveway. The size of these holes can be ⅝ to 1 inches so that the slurry of foam injects properly.

Lift The Driveway

In the final step, experts inject the slurry into the drilled holes and use specialized equipment to drive this slurry beneath the driveway. After that, we carefully lift the driveway to the appropriate level.

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Benefits Of Getting Driveway Lifting In Calgary

A driveway lifting service is convenient and less expensive compared to a driveway replacement. It is often recommended to hire driveway lifting in Calgary due to its various benefits:

Cost Efficient

The cost involved in driveway lifting is less compared to driveway replacement. So if you are looking for cost-efficient solutions to eliminate various issues, driving lifting service in Calgary can be your solution.

Takes Less Time

The whole process of the driveway lifting involves approximately 2-3 hours. You don't have to wait weeks to use your driveway again for daily purposes. Driving lifting in Calgary saves you ample time.

No Use Of Heavy Equipment

The process of lifting the driveway doesn't involve heavy equipment and machinery. As a result, you don't have to worry about the space. Driveaway lifting experts perform the lifting process conveniently.


Since the process doesn't include much waste going under the soil, it is considered an environmentally-friendly way to repair the driveway. In addition, driveway lifting in Calgary offers long-lasting results.

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Why Should Your Hire Foam Experts For Driveway Lifting In Calgary?  

An unlevel or sunken driveway creates a future risk that can be mitigated using Calgary’s best driveway lifting service. Foam Experts has an industry experience of 20 years in providing top-notch driveway lifting in Calgary. 

Our team of experts has hands-on experience in using advanced techniques to lift the concrete driveway while ensuring the safety of your place. We use polyurethane foam, a superior way to lift the concrete floor, slab, driveway, and more.

We offer customer-centric services with  the desired results at effective pricing. So, end your search for the best driveway lifting near Calgary, and count on the Foam Experts for getting reliable and convenient driveway lifting service in Calgary.

Here’s why you should trust us:

Don’t let the unlevel and cracked driveway create a future threat for you; use our driveway lifting service right away.



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