Foam Injection for Concrete Leveling – Affordable and Durable

Foam Injection for Concrete Leveling – Affordable and Durable

The benefits of polyurethane foam for leveling concrete are many. One of the most significant benefits is that it is a fast and efficient way to level concrete surfaces without removing and replacing the entire slab. This process saves time and money and reduces the amount of waste generated. Additionally, polyurethane foam is lightweight, durable, and does not shrink or settle over time, which helps maintain the concrete surface level for the long term.

5 step process

The foam injection process involves injecting the foam under the concrete surface to lift and level it. The procedure for foam injection for concrete leveling in Calgary is as follows:

Preparation: The first step is to prepare the site by cleaning and repairing any cracks or damage to the concrete surface. This ensures that the foam has a solid base to adhere to and eliminates any potential entry points for water or other substances that could affect the integrity of the foam.

Drilling: Small holes are drilled into the concrete surface at strategic points, where the foam will be injected. These holes are typically about the size of a nickel or quarter and are spaced about two feet apart.

Mixing the foam: The polyurethane foam is combined with a unique catalyst and loaded into a high-pressure applicator.

Injection: The foam is injected under high pressure into the holes in the concrete. The pressure and force of the injection cause the foam to expand, lifting and leveling the concrete surface as it fills any voids or spaces underneath.

Curing: The foam will start to cure immediately after injection and will continue to expand and harden over the next several hours. During this time, it is vital to keep the area clear of foot traffic and other disturbances to allow the foam to cure fully.

Are you experienced?

According to the team at FOAMEXpert, having good hands-on experience with polyurethane is essential for many reasons. One reason is that the foam needs to be mixed and applied at the correct consistency and pressure to achieve the desired result. If the foam is too thick or thin, or if the pressure is too high or too low, it will not expand properly and may not be effective in leveling the concrete. Additionally, the foam may not adhere properly to the concrete if the surface is not cleaned and prepared correctly, so experience in preparing the surface is also essential.

In conclusion, foam injection for concrete leveling in Calgary is a fast, efficient, and effective method of leveling concrete surfaces using polyurethane foam. Good hands-on experience with polyurethane foam is critical to ensure the foam is mixed and applied correctly. The benefits of polyurethane foam for leveling concrete include speed, efficiency, and durability, and it is an excellent solution for many concrete leveling needs.

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