Revive Sunken Surface With Foam Jacking In Calgary

Is your home or business suffering from sunken, uneven concrete slabs like sidewalks, driveways, patios, and foundation slabs? If yes, Foam Experts is here to help. We offer state-of-the-art foam jacking in Calgary to transform damaged concrete into a level and stable surface. We have a team of specialized contractors who use advanced equipment to carry out the process effectively. 

Undeniably, sunken concrete is a common problem in the state of Alberta, Canada. Many home and business owners experience sunken concrete caused by fluctuating soil levels. The sunken surface can occur anywhere around your property, and not repairing it on time will deteriorate your property. 

At Foam Experts, we have the best-in-class solution for all your concrete repair needs, including sunken concrete problems. Do not let concrete slab problems diminish the value of your property; just count on our expert foam jacking contractors in Calgary.


Our Ultimate Foam Jacking Process In Calgary

At Foam Experts, we have a team of talented and licensed foam-jacking contractors who use advanced techniques to inject polyurethane foam below the concrete surface. Foam jacking is a fast, easy, convenient, and effective process to level up the concrete surface, involving the following steps:

Evaluation & Preparation

Firstly, our expert will thoroughly check the surface to analyze the problem to identify the underlying issue. They will determine the suitability of foam jacking for your project. After this, the experts will clear the area and mark the location for foam injection.

Drilling Injection Holes

Now our foam jacking contractors will drill small holes into your existing concrete at a strategic location. These small holes are usually about ⅝ to 1 inch in diameter and serve as an entry point for foam injection.

Foam Injection

The experts will now fill the polyurethane foam in the drilled holes using the high-pressure injection system. The injected foam will cause the concrete to rise gradually, filling any void with the foam. Discuss your concrete leveling needs with our expert foam jacking contractors in Calgary.

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Say Goodbye To Uneven Concrete Surface With Our Foam Jacking In Calgary

Concrete-related Issues That Foam Jacking Can Treat

Uneven concrete surfaces are caused by various factors like soil settlement, climate/ temperature change, heavy loads/ traffic, etc., which deteriorate the appearance of your property. Here are the common issues our foam jacking services in Calgary can treat.

Sunken Concrete

After a span of time, concrete slabs start sinking or settling due to factors like soil erosion, shifting ground, or poor compaction. Foam jacking can easily raise sunken areas and restore the surface level.

Void Filling

Voids or cavities start accumulating beneath concrete slabs caused by water infiltration, soil erosion, and many other factors. Foam jacking fills these voids by providing them stability to prevent damage in the future.

Foundation Repair

The uneven or sunken concrete in the foundation of the building can be a cause of foundation issues. With foam jacking, our experts can raise and stabilize the affected area while ensuring structural stability.

Benefits Of Foam Jacking Services In Calgary

Are you tipping over the sidewalks, driveways, or patios in front of your home or office? It’s time to bid adieu to these unlevel foundation issues. Here are the top benefits you can reap with foam jacking in Calgary.

Lightweight Solution

Concrete lifting foam is lightweight and doesn’t exert high pressure on the underlying soil. This helps prevent the repair of the sinking of the sunken concrete slabs in the future.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Our foam jacking services in Calgary restore the appearance of your uneven or sunken concrete surfaces, ensuring the overall aesthetic improvement of your property.

Long-Lasting Results

Since polyurethane foam is used in foam jacking, it resists erosion and degradation of soil, ensuring a stable and durable base for the concrete. This further provides long-lasting results and minimizes the need for future repair plans.

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Why Trust Us For Foam Jacking Services In Calgary?  

Having more than 20 years of experience in the field, Foam Experts is committed to providing premium foam jacking services in Calgary at affordable prices. Our team has expertise in using concrete lifting material, equipment, and HMI products when it comes to foam applications. In addition, we repair and prevent damage caused by sunken and uneven concrete rather than concrete replacement methods. Our mission is to help every home and business owner experience aesthetically appealing concrete slabs with our top-notch foam jacking services in Calgary. We’re the #1 foam jacking contractors because of the following:

Restore the aesthetic beauty of your property with our foam jacking contractors in Calgary.



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