Surprising Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Surprising Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Surprising Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

No one wants to spot cracked, sunken concrete slabs that create potential hazards with uneven sidewalks and driveways. Temporary solutions and DIY hacks might not work in the long run, making your concrete prone to accidents and complete breakage. Whatever the cause, heavy rainfall, snow saturation, poor installation, overloading or soil movement, we are all searching for affordable alternatives to fix the issue quickly.  Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is an ideal solution that effectively resolves and repairs sidewalks, patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks, stairs and any other outdoor surface. It is a widely popular method offering the best results than traditional mud jacking with limited holes. For the expert service to fix your cracked concrete, you must seek professionals in Calgary like FOAMEXpert. 

Although various lifting solutions are available, this blog will focus on the benefits of using polyurethane foam for concrete lifting to repair your damaged concrete.

Key Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

If you look at the concrete lifting industry, foam concrete lifting has a surge in demand due to its lightweight effect, less time involvement, and minimal disruptions. Here are the 6 common reasons to use polyurethane foam concrete lifting.

1 – Easy & Fast Application 

Unlike other traditional concrete lifting methods, polyurethane foam eliminates the hassle and mess with its fast and easy installation. In a fraction of a time, it will settle down on your cracked and uneven concrete, and you will get your evenly textured concrete without any inconvenience. It acts as an innovative approach for lifting and leveling concrete and offers the best results without downtime.

2 – Lightweight 

For standard mud jacking, 100 pounds per cubic foot is measured, while for polyurethane foam concrete lifting, it weighs around 2 pounds per cubic foot. So, this exerts a minimum load over the concrete slab, causing less soil movement and restricting the recurrence of disruption. Although being lightweight, it still has the strength of high-lifting capabilities to secure your concrete basements. 

3 – Durability 

People look for durable concrete lifting alternatives within budget constraints for frequent repair. Withholding seasonal damage and disruption due to rainfall, snowfall, and heatwaves, these concretes are prone to witness holes and breakouts. Polyurethane foam concrete lifting offers a great hold on unsettled concrete while filling gaps, creating tiny holes, and infusing foam materials. 

4 – Budget-Friendly 

People are considering polyurethane foam concrete lifting for commercial and residential projects due to its cost-effectiveness and better results. The process involves injecting polyurethane foam through tiny holes that quickly expand to return the slab to its position. Overall, this method is an effective investment due to the less equipment, labor, and time involved. Its enlarged lifespan makes it a sustainable choice for lifting and leveling services. 

5 – Versatility 

In the construction industry, polyurethane foam has varied uses beyond concrete lifting, from fixing slabs to sidewalks and patios, repairing driveways, and much more. This makes polyurethane foam concrete lifting preferable for property expansion or repairing whatever suits your requirements. Even FOAMEXpert, for the best concrete lifting in Calgary, suggests polyurethane foam for its effective use on multiple real estate projects. 

6 – Sustainable Method

If you are worried about harmful chemicals and other toxicants infused with foam materials, that’s not the case with polyurethane foam concrete lifting. Unlike other methods, it doesn’t leave any polluting traits for contaminating soil, air and water resources. Once it penetrates over the concrete, it quickly dries up, does not get messy over the floor, and doesn’t react with soil and water. Hence, this is a more conventional and sustainable choice for concrete lifting. 

Other Popular Concrete Lifting Methods

Apart from polyurethane foam concrete lifting, several other methods assist in achieving an even texture and better leveling of concrete ground. Each method has its own set of benefits, and you can connect with FOAMEXperts to schedule this concrete jacking in Calgary:


For mudjacking, concrete experts made a slurry of cement, sand, water, and other materials to pump over the concrete floor using drilled holes. This pressure is put on the concrete slab, returning it to its right position. 

Spray Foam Insulation

This is widely popular for its seamless application. Spray foam insulation for concrete follows the application of a layer of polyurethane foam insulation directly to the surface of concrete walls, ceilings, or floors. 

Concrete Sealing 

To level up the concrete ground and enhance its durability, the method of concrete sealing comes in use to add a protective coating or sealer to prevent moisture penetration. It adds more protection to concrete floors. 

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