9 Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

9 Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

9 Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

Building your own house is no less than any dream! From years of investment struggle to the hassle with brokers in finding your dream land, a series of challenges are encountered in setting up a home’s foundation. Even after putting in effort, residential homes will depreciate over time due to varied reasons, such as weather effects, natural disasters, poor quality raw materials, ground leveling issues, etc. Spotting several signs of foundation problems might be a heart-wrenching experience for any homeowner, be it a cracked wall, concrete slab disintegration, or sagging floors. Once these foundation issues become visible to your visitors, it becomes a matter of embarrassment while disrupting overall exteriors. 

If you are encountering any early signs of foundation problems in your property, this is the perfect blog for you. We will discuss major foundation issues that require the assistance of professional experts in Calgary, like FOAMEXperts, for budgeted repair and maintenance. 

Signs of Foundation Problems

Let’s look at the early signs related to foundation issues that you must be aware of to improve your home architecture and avoid severe structural damages timely. Here are the 9 signs of foundation issues:

1 – Wall Cracking 

Most of the time, we avoid hairline cracking on the interior wall, considering it minimal damage. However, what if it takes a wider gap and forms larger cracks? Horizontal, diagonal, and zigzag crack patterns on interior and exterior walls can be one of the signs of foundation problems. These may denote severe internal damage and decaying wall layers, resulting in severe faults in the long run. Even if you look closely, small signs like peeling wallpaper might also denote any structural gap or leaking walls.

2 – Concrete Slab Cracks 

Other visible signs of foundation problems that you must look out for at your home are the cracking of concrete slab floors that act as a foundation for your residential structure. Some of the evident issues that form cracks in concrete slabs are construction errors, efflorescence, erosion, spalling, disintegration, scaling, cracking, and pop-outs. This requires professional assistance for concrete lifting, jacking, and leveling. With FOAMEXperts save your concrete with Mudjacking, concrete sealing, foam insulation, and deep foam injections in Calgary

3 – Bouncy Floors 

If your floorboards seem more bouncy and spongy, this might indicate that your home has foundation issues. Additionally, if your floor has a popping or cracking texture, then it’s definitely time to call in professionals for an inspection to track any internal cracks. Sometimes, foundation shifts have the same damaging effect on flooring, but you consult experts who will guide you on whether these signs of foundation issues require structural maintenance or minimal repair. 

4 – Stucked Door & Windows 

Whether it’s your self-owned home or let-out property, you might have experienced stubborn windows or doors and must have thought that it was due to less lubrication. However, this could be one of the signs of foundation problems. In many instances, unstable foundations and bigger shifts can distort the framing of windows and doors and make it difficult to get latched. You can consult with experts to check whether it’s among the signs of foundation issues.

5 – Drainage Issues 

One of the visible signs of foundation problems is water from runoff and drainage leakage due to nearby streams or ponds. High water retention in isolated locations of the basement and crawl space might also affect the foundation issues. So, if you feel oppressive air pressure after rainfall at your home and spot wet concrete, this could be a sign to dig into the drainage setup to spot any foundational issues. 

6 – Separated Cabinets and Counters

Interestingly, foundation problems might take time to become visible; however, they slowly make the floor and wall look more uneven. So, if you find gaps between the wall and cabinet that were perfectly stuck together before, these could be signs of foundation problems. This could be due to structural cracks or water leakage beneath the wall that swiftly detaches these fixtures’ alignment. 

7 – Mold Buildup Around the Corner 

The presence of moisture and water leakage between the wall and the crack can give birth to molds. Most of us assume that molds are formed due to external factors and a humid atmosphere, but the reason can also be internal damage. So, if you are continuously noticing 

If mold or mildew smells around the stinking corners of your home or walls, don’t ignore it. This could be a sign of foundation problems. 

8 – Tilted & Bended Chimney 

Well, this might put you in doubt, but a slanted chimney is also evident as visible signs of foundation problems. You should not ignore the dislocation of your home’s chimney and crack formation that might create a damageable collapse as a threat to your property and family. It is advisable to call out professionals to get it repaired and add more stability to the foundation. 

9 – Cracks on Pillars 

Pillars are one of the core structural foundations of your home that lift the whole architecture. So, you can easily see that any crack or creasing in pillars reflects as one of the signs of foundation problems. If these cracks persistently increase, it might disrupt the leveling of pillars and potentially threaten the architectural foundation. 

So, these are the spotted signs of foundation issues; next, let’s turn to the professional assistance you should look out for!

FOAMEXperts: Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Calgary!

After examining the signs of foundation problems, you must have assessed the importance of inspecting home interiors to prepare in advance and tracking solutions to address these concerns properly. If you are looking for professionals in Calgary for your concrete disintegration and leveling, look no further than FOAMEXperts. We are the most reliable and trustable company when it comes to repairing your old concrete. You can book a free estimate today for concrete lifting and leveling, mudjacking, concrete sealing, deep foam injection, or spray foam insulation in Calgary. 

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