How Much Does Concrete Lifting Costs? Get An Estimate Here

Concrete Lifting Costs

How Much Does Concrete Lifting Costs? Get An Estimate Here

Have you ever noticed wobbly and uneven surfaces in your sidewalk or garage pathways? Maybe a tripping hazard treats you every time you step outside your house? Well, concrete leveling is the solution for you. There are many ways to level your concrete floors. However, foam leveling stands out as the most famous and effective option. You might have considered using this miraculous technique for your house but don’t know if it fits your budget. Knowing the concrete leveling cost is vital to getting the best floor leveling services available on the market. So, if you’re wondering how much concrete lifting costs, you have arrived at the right place.

Let’s Understand Foam Concrete Lifting

Unlike traditional methods, foam concrete lifting uses foam, as the name implies, to lift the concrete floor. This method is much faster, cleaner, and easier than traditional methods. For this reason, many people worldwide use it to lift their concrete flooring. Many companies offer fast and easy foam concrete lifting services. However, if you’re looking for the best foam concrete lifting service in Calgary, Canada, at a reasonable price, FOAMEXPerts is your best bet. Now, let’s find out how much concrete lifting costs in general. 

How Is Concrete Lifting Done?

The process of concrete lifting might differ a little bit depending on the professional, but in most cases, it is performed by following the steps below:

Step 1- Inspection And Assessment 

The first step towards concrete lifting is inspecting the site. A professional will come to your place, assess the damage, and devise a suitable plan. After assessing the whole situation, he will mark the places where they will drill the holes in the concrete slab. 

Step 2- Drilling Holes

After the professional has completed the inspection and assessment, the next step is to drill the holes at the marked places. We drill holes 5/8 ” and 3 feet between them, the first hole 18 ” from the edge of the concrete. The cost of concrete lifting depends on the volume of the area that needs to be filled and is $12-14 per pound of foam.

Step 3- Filling Holes

The next step is to fill the holes with Polyurethane foam and wait for the foam to expand and settle. The professional will closely monitor foam expansion to get the desired leveling. The professional will fill more foam if the concrete doesn’t reach the desired level. After this, the holes are covered with fresh concrete, leaving the foam to settle overnight. 

Factors That Determine Concrete Lifting Cost? 

Concrete lifting is a great way to eliminate uneven surfaces in your home. Concrete leveling costs are quite relative and depend on the surface you want to lift. For example, a surface that needs much lifting will cost you more, as more foam will be used to bring it to your desired level. Many such factors determine the concrete lifting cost. We have listed a few major factors below: 

1- Size and Area

A larger and deeper void means that more foam will be used to lift the concrete surface, which will cost more, considering the high material costs. Also, the concrete lifting cost depends on the area that needs to be lifted. The bigger the surface, the higher the concrete lifting costs. However, the depth of the void can make a significant difference. So, before jumping to any conclusions, call a professional at your house and get a quotation. 

2- Accessibility Of Area

Foam Concrete lifting works by filling the void with foam that expands over time. So, in order to lift your floor, a professional has to access the void by drilling small holes on the surface. The concrete lifting cost depends on whether your void is easy to access. A surface that is hard to access will take more time to get the job done, and for that reason, it will cost you more. 

3- Location

Your location plays an important role in the final concrete lifting costs. The cost of living in your area significantly affects the price of materials, labor, gas, etc. If you live in a place where the cost of living is high, your total concrete lifting costs will be higher than those of an area where the cost of living is low. 

So, How Much Does Concrete Lifting Cost Exactly?

The concrete lifting costs generally depend on these factors. A professional will come to your house and evaluate all of these factors to come up with an estimate. Also, sometimes, it seems like only one slab or a particular part of the concrete needs lifting when more than one slab needs lifting. Also, sometimes the volume of the void is more than expected, so companies like FOAMEXperts charge you not according to the surface area but the volume of foam used. Typically, they will charge you around $12-$15 per pound of foam. Moreover, different concrete lifting techniques, like mud jacking, can cost a little less than foam lifting. 

Get The Best Concrete Floor Lifting At FOAMEXperts

The concrete leveling costs depend on various factors, and you won’t be able to get an accurate idea until a professional examines your situation. We suggest getting multiple quotations from different service providers for a good idea. If you are looking for the best concrete leveling service provider in Calgary, Canada, FOAMEXperts is your one-stop solution. So, what are you waiting for? Contact FOAMEXperts and get a free estimate of concrete lifting costs today. We offer the best concrete lifting services at a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of concrete lifting services to fulfill your personal and building requirements. 

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