Buying A House With Foundation Issues? Keep These Things In Mind

Buying A House With Foundation Issues? Keep These Things In Mind

Buying A House With Foundation Issues? Keep These Things In Mind

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life. A house is a place where people seek comfort and feel safe. Many things can go wrong with a house purchase. However, the biggest problem with a house can be foundation issues. 

The foundation of any house is the most important thing, and any issues with it can prove fatal. Foundation issues can severely affect the resale price or mortgage value of your house. So, it’s extremely important to know about the causes, signs, and treatment of foundation issues.  

What Are Foundation Issues?

The foundation of a structure serves a critical purpose, i.e., it provides the essential stability and support upon which the entire building rests. In a house, a well-constructed foundation ensures the safety, longevity, and overall value of the property. However, foundation issues can arise over time, posing significant risks that demand professional attention. Foundation issues refer to the problem with a house’s foundation, which can result in many problems and significantly reduce the value of your house. 

Sign Of Foundation Issues 

There are many signs that a house has foundation issues; let’s have a look at some of them. 

Cracks In Wall And Floor

Look for vertical and horizontal cracks in your ceiling, walls, door, floor, etc. 

Uneven Floor

An uneven floor is usually a sign of foundation issues and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Try lifting the foundation with soil, commonly known as mud jacking.

Sticking Doors And Windows

Sticking and scraping of windows and doors mostly happens when the foundation has some issues.

Water Pooling

When your house has foundation issues, water spills on the floor, or the roof starts pooling in a particular place.

Gaps Around Wall

When a house has foundation issues, gaps appear at the bottom of the walls.

Causes Of Foundation Issues

Although foundation issues can arise for many reasons, here are a few prominent ones.

Shrinking Soil 

One of the major causes of foundation issues is that the soil beneath the house starts to dry out and sink. When this happens, the solid beneath the house is no longer able to support the foundation and pulls away from the foundation, making it unstable and more inclined to shift. There are many reasons for this. One of the major reasons is that the roots of the trees around your foundation have sucked all the water present in the soil, making it dry and susceptible to shifting. 

Swelling Soil

Just like shrinking, swelling of soil can also cause foundation issues. When the soil around your foundation starts absorbing too much water, it swells up, pushing the foundation upwards. This gives rise to cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings. Moreover, too much water in the soil can also cause the soil to sink, again making the foundation fragile. 

Improper Construction

Although not usually the case, improper construction can also affect a house’s foundation and cause various foundation issues. Let’s say your house is constructed on 2 different types of soil: one that absorbs water and the other that doesn’t. This means that over time, your house will go down from one end and get lifted from the other, causing much structural damage. For this reason, improper construction is a big cause of foundation issues. 

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the biggest causes of foundation issues in modern houses. This is mostly because the drainage systems of many houses nowadays are not up to par and do not fulfill people’s needs. Because of this, water drains into the soil near the foundation, giving rise to many problems. This is the most fatal and dangerous cause of foundation issues, as it can severely affect the structure of your house. 

Natural Sinkholes

Sinkholes form when an underground body of water dries off and creates an air gap in the ground, and the soil above that space settles down, creating a big hole in the surface. This can severely affect your foundation. 

What To Do In Case Of Foundation Issues

Foundation issues can significantly lower the value of your house. For this reason, you must call a repair specialist to find out what the problem is with your house and what the procedures and charges are for fixing it. As mentioned above, the most common reason for foundation issues is that the soil beneath the house is settling or expanding, making the whole foundation uneven. In this case, a repair specialist will come to the house, diagnose the problem, and then suggest some ways to repair your foundation. The most common and the least time-consuming procedure is called foam lifting. Here, a repair specialist will dig some holes in your foundation and fill it with foam to make it robust and even. This method saves you time and effort. Moreover, by using this method, the repair specialist can lift particular foundation areas, giving way to more customized floor lifting. 

Having Foundation Issues? Try FoamExperts!!

So, hiring a repair specialist is the right step if you are also witnessing some foundation issues with your house. A bad foundation can not only degrade your house, but it can also be fatal to the people living in the house. So, if you’re looking for a repair specialist to take care of your foundation issues, FoamExperts might be your best choice. We specialize in lifting concrete floors and can also help you with your foundation issues. The price of the procedure depends on your custom requirements. Contact us and get a quote today to make your house a safe haven. 

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