Everything You Need To Know About Polyjacking Costs

Everything You Need To Know About Polyjacking Costs

Everything You Need To Know About Polyjacking Costs

Sunken and uneven concrete slabs are getting normal nowadays, and people are looking for an alternative for the replacement that fits into their budget. One of the most effective techniques is polyjacking, which is used for lifting and leveling concrete by infusing polyurethane mixtures to raise and stabilize concrete slabs. Mostly, it is used for the repair of sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete surfaces that are damaged due to weather conditions and settlement. Have you wondered how much Polyjacking costs are incurred for construction? Let’s find out!

For your preferred choice of concrete contractor in Calgary, the cost budget and estimate for polyjacking costs will vary depending on several factors. Let’s take an overview of polyjacking that helps you get a complete understanding of how this technique works and overall cost estimation. 

What Is Polyjacking? How Does Method Work?

Among different construction methods, Polyjacking is predominantly known as the best way to level unsettled and uneven concrete slabs. It is also known as foam jacking, and professional concrete jacking comes with different techniques, such as slabjacking, Permeation Grouting, Compaction Grouting, Void Filling, and deep foam injection. Polyjacking effectively fills the cracks, gaps, and voids beneath the concrete slabs. 

For the Polyjacking method, professionals began the process with site inspections, cleaning the concrete surface area, creating drilling holes to create injection ports, and pouring Polyurethane Foam for concrete lifting and leveling. So, based on the concrete slab area and 

equipment used, polyjacking costs estimation will vary. 

Polyjacking is used to construct residential and commercial projects for sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, garage floors, pool surrounds, warehouse floors, industrial facilities, and airport runways. Unlike other short-term concrete lifting solutions, Polyjacking creates more long-term solutions. 

Polyjacking Costs: Types & Estimation!

Polyjacking costs for concrete leveling depend on multiple factors, such as area sizes, slab thickness, technique used, settlement area coverage, contractor experience, labor rates, and how easily contractors are accessible in nearby areas. Let’s review each of this factors in detail to get an estimated average polyjacking costs:

Area Basis 

On average, polyjacking costs are calculated by measuring area size per square foot. So, if you opt for polyjacking in larger areas, your overall budget constraints will expand. 

Method Followed 

Polyjacking uses multiple techniques, and the costs will vary depending on the equipment and drilling method used.

Project Type

Depending on the project type, whether residential or commercial, professionals have different standard polyjacking costs for the number of projects untaken. 

Labor Rates

Polyjacking on a larger scale requires more labor involvement, which will keep Polyjacking costs variable. Based on labor proficiency, they might charge a high value. 

Additional Cost Consideration 

Combining other lifting and custom concrete work might add additional costs based on project longevity, curing time, and repair costs. 

Is the Polyjacking Method Too Expensive? 

If we consider polyjacking costs, this technique is more expensive than other leveling techniques. However, in terms of benefits, polyjacking offers the maximum gain with quick curing time, precision and control, lightweight material, high durability and longevity, and versatility. It is also cost-effective due to lasting results and eco-friendly methods. These factors make polyjacking a better choice than other traditional concrete lifting techniques. Polyurethane foam is used as a mixture to infuse under concrete slabs and attracts a high price in the market. 

So, to calculate the average Polyjacking costs, you can measure the level of concrete foam, which gives a precise value for budget allocation. Also, there will be timely adjustments in cost due to additional requirements. For instance, if you have a large project requirement with extensive settlement issues, it will take a longer curing time with the scope of minimal disruption. 

Polyjacking Costs Vs. Mudjacking Costs: Which is Better?

In search of the best concrete leveling and lifting techniques, there is a technique of Mudjacking apart from Polyjacking. If you create a broader comparison between polyjacking costs and mudjacking costs, there will be a wide gap in budgeting. Both methods have been followed to get different sets of benefits for stable concrete slabs, but polyjacking is preferred mainly for long-lasting results. 

Overall, the average cost for mudjacking might fall between $3 and $8 per square foot, depending on location and the material used for the process. On the other hand, polyjacking costs can range between $5 and $25 per square foot. Although the rates are a bit high, polyjacking lasts longer due to its lightweight, and the curing time takes only 30 minutes, making it the best material for repairing load surfaces like basements, foundations, and garage floors. 

FOAMEXperts: Best Concrete Jacking in Calgary!

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