What Is the Best Way to Handle Uneven Concrete Around My Pool Deck?


What Is the Best Way to Handle Uneven Concrete Around My Pool Deck?

For any residential or commercial space, you will notice that the poolside comes under the high foot traffic area. Swimming pools are made with a variety of flooring, such as vinyl liner pools, tiles, concrete floors, glass tiles, etc. However, you must have noticed the presence of a concrete pool deck; it is there to establish a protective boundary to prevent water outflow and create space for swimmers to rest. A sinking pool deck or cracking or uneven concrete around the pool deck can lead to significant disruption, foundation failure, and shifts. 

Want to know how to remove an uneven concrete pool deck? Follow the blog until the end to learn more about sunken structures and different ways to handle the problem. You can also contact FOAMEXperts to inquire about fast and reliable concrete jacking in Calgary

Reasons for Uneven Concrete Pool Deck 

Before proceeding with pool deck resurfacing, let’s understand the key reasons that can cause sunken concrete that slowly damages the foundation and leads to hazardous fall out of the surface:

Soil Movement

It might be visible that the deck is not attached to the ground; still, soil movement can lead to an uneven concrete pool deck. Gradually, with soil erosion, cracks will develop in the pool shell, which will also affect the piping system. 

Poor Installation 

One significant reason for uneven concrete pool decks is poor installation, which causes more damage. If the initial settlement doesn’t work out appropriately, it will leave a small gap and cracks between the lines that expand. 

Tree Root Growth

If there are any old trees in the nearby locations, the tree’s roots may expand, pushing the soil aside and shifting the foundation of the pool deck. Sometimes, tree roots take the wrong direction for growth and exert pressure, causing movements.

Weather Conditions 

Excessive rainfall and hurricanes might also damage the concrete surface and cause a foundational shift. This can lead to soil movement, creating an uneven-textured concrete pool deck. 

Less Maintenance 

Lack of cleanliness and low maintenance can lead to dirt formation and concrete damage, raising safety hazards. Periodic maintenance can ensure the durability of uneven concrete pool decks. 

If you are dealing with the same sinking concrete pool deck issue, here, we are suggesting the best ways to handle uneven concrete around the pool deck. 

6 Ways to Get Rid of Uneven Concrete Pool Deck 

Are you spotting the concrete pool deck dipped or settled down? The foremost step should be highlighting the problem as early as possible, which will help you find the specific problem. Here are the effective ways that are followed for pool deck resurfacing and easy settling:

1 – Mudjacking 

One of the best measures to settle down a cracked concrete pool deck would be Mudjacking. 

You can reach out to FOAMEXperts for the best spray foam insulation in Calgary. Concrete problems can be hazardous, so Mud jacking comes out as a concrete leveling process that uplifts sunken concrete surfaces.

2 – Grinding

You can hire professionals who can grind uneven portions of concrete to manage the surface level of the ground. It is a highly effective technique for concrete pool deck resurfacing that binds the beneath material to settle down the surface. 

3 – Resurfacing 

Surfacing is next in the row for handling uneven concrete pool decks. It involves resurfacing small areas and cracks with material compounds. It fills in the gaps between them and helps remove dirt, stains, and debris. 

4 – Concrete Sealing 

For concrete Pool deck resurfacing, seek professionals for concrete sealing services. Connect with FOAMEXperts for the best concrete sealing in Calgary. This technique effectively  works for surface damage, soil erosion, and staining. 

5 – Lifting & Leveling 

For the sunken concrete pool deck, you can get professional assistance with lifting and leveling services to restore the ground foundation. It can fix up the uneven concrete boundary to control the flow of water runoff. 

6 – Fixing Foundation Cracks 

Most of these uneven slabs will be visible from the outside; however, a few might have appeared as foundation cracks. Fixing these ground cracks can help regain the old settled surface and upgrade your landscape.

Why You Should Address Uneven Concrete Pool Decks?

If you are spotting uneven concrete pool deck, it is essential not to avoid such cracks and gaps that might take larger form:

  • It can restrict the occurrence of further damage and extend the longevity to prevent escalation and hazard 
  • This will help you save your expensive repairing costs that put more financial burden 
  • Next, it is important to address safety concerns; this might create tripping issues and reasons for potential injuries
  • Early detection might help you to increase the property value while maintaining structural integrity

FOAMEXperts: Your Trusted Concrete Leveling Partner!

If you are looking for a reliable concrete contractor in Calgary, end your search with FOAMEXperts. We are a renowned name in the industry and can assist you with a range of services, including concrete lifting and leveling, mudjacking, custom concrete work, deep foam injection, and spray foam insulation. With the blend of traditional and modern techniques, our experts are here to take you on the pathway of structural integrity. Get in touch with our professionals; we are ready to renew your uneven concrete pool deck with quality resurfacing and specialized services!

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